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This journal is dedicated to conscious creators and soulpreneurs who desire to create a sacred business in alignment to their energy. We talk about different exploration systems (astrology & human design) and how this can inform how energetic coherence to the marketing and offerings behind our business.

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Discover your Sacred Business Archetype


A lot of the times when we think about self-doubt, we blame the sole culprit to the internal dialogue we have in our heads. We question our ability to do things, to rise up to an opportunity where we can level up and shy away when we are confronted with the first signs of growing pains. We don’t realize that a lot of the self-doubt we experience can stem from the people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes a comment here or there from a trusted loved one — confidante, a can derail our progress rapidly because of their own scarcity mindset.

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Surround Yourself With People That Don’t Make You Self-Doubt


Confidence, Empath Entrepreneur, Motivation


A large part of being a high-value person is your willingness to express the sacred values you believe in for the world to see. It’s one thing to have an understanding of your convictions, but without having the courage to apply them externally, people don’t know that you have an inner light you’d like to shine. When your thoughts, behavior, actions match in complete alignment with your personal value system, your radar for attracting people, opportunities, lifestyle changes to reinforce your standards becomes an automatic consequence of your shift.

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Being a High-Value Individual to Attract Value-Aligned Opportunities


Confidence, Empath, Motivation


The Paradox of Success There’s a false misconception that when we work ourselves up to a level of standard that we perceived as greatness, we unknowingly put ourselves up on a pedestal. We get into our heads that on our first try, we will produce great work. When we work ourselves up to a state […]

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Accept Your Insignificance To Crush Your Goals


Motivation, Self-Reflection