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This journal is dedicated to conscious creators and soulpreneurs who desire to create a sacred business in alignment to their energy. We talk about different exploration systems (astrology & human design) and how this can inform how energetic coherence to the marketing and offerings behind our business.

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Fall Apart: The Process of Unraveling to Find Yourself


Discover your Sacred Business Archetype


Ever feel like your business brand is playing dress-up, wearing someone else’s clothes? Like the image you project doesn’t quite capture the vibrant soul behind the scenes?
The visuals just don’t resonate. It’s as though your brand is camouflaging its true essence, opting instead to mimic the trends and mirror the digital personas of others we admire.
What if I told you the doorway to crafting a magnetic visual brand that aligns with your unique essence is actually in your astrological birth chart?

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Discover How Astrology Branding Can Positively Change Your Brand Look

Visual Branding with Astrology

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Have you found yourself, of late, feeling a little less enamored with your sacred business? Perhaps it’s the tedium of the daily grind, or maybe you’ve hit a rough patch, and your once-joyful passion project seems to have lost its sparkle.

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Harness Astrology to Ignite Passion & Drive into Your Sacred Business

Astrology to Ignite Passion & Drive Into Your Sacred Biz

Astrology Transit

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“Faith.” That is the word of the season. Faith is a curious creature. The weight of this word feels monumental. It asks us to confront our most hidden fears. 

Why do we believe? Why do we place our hearts in the hands of the unseen, trusting in the intangible, holding a promise that holds no guarantees?

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How Lilith Changed the Trajectory of My Career From Corporate to Spirit-Led

Divine Femininity

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Every 2-3 years, your Moon “progresses” into the next Zodiac sign which denotes the overall mood and impression of this time period for you. This is a personal transition that takes place internally, so others do not experience the same progressions as you.

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Charting Emotional Nourishment with Moon Progressions

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Empath Entrepreneur, psychological astrology