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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm a psychological astrologer and intuitive business coach located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart. 


Accept Your Insignificance To Crush Your Goals

The Paradox of Success

There’s a false misconception that when we work ourselves up to a level of standard that we perceived as greatness, we unknowingly put ourselves up on a pedestal.

We get into our heads that on our first try, we will produce great work.

When we work ourselves up to a state where we think we’re must be incredible, so act and behave as if, we create a monster inside our egos that shows up as anxiety.

This monster that we’ve created as our internal dialogue creates so much pressure during our creative process. Whether we’re writing a book, creating a film, working on a branding project, or doing a dance routine, there a self-sabotaging shift in mindset that happens within us that eats you us when we’re into a state of perfectionism.

Perfectionism Vs. Being Enough

It’s okay to seek self-betterment or striving to be as great as possible. However, it needs to also come with a daily dose of, “I am first and foremost, enough.”

Recognizing that we’re insignificant — as in, we’re one of 7.7 billion people are trying to make it in the world in their own way, puts our “Impossible Genius” trope in check.

To create relational compassion towards everyone’s desire to be unique, we can appreciate the humanity of others and more than anything — ourselves.

I know that I am in a way, different, but the same…just like everybody else.

We’re all trying to make it. We’re all trying to do our best to stake our claim and show up and create noise to feel seen and heard in the world.

When we truly learn to appreciate our journey to greatness not as one big leap forward, but a series of kind supportive steps, we create meaningful work from a place of authenticity rather than comparison or scarcity.

When we start a new project or an endeavor, we’re not going to be the masters of our craft right from the get-go.

We’re going to produce work that will suck, but that is in no way a measurement of our identity or our capped ceiling of, “This is as good as I’m going to get.”

Practice Grace

Every single time we produce work or we make an attempt to step forward to get closer to our goal it may not look so graceful.

Building a new skillset is like working a growing muscle. You’ll wobble, question every action, not sure if you’re actually seeing growth or if you’re being impatient. However we’re doing the work, we’re moving towards our destination.

Be kind and act more with more tenderness with your self-improvement journey. You wouldn’t scold at a child for falling off the bike. You’ll tend to his knee scapes, give him some words of encouragement so that he can hop back on because he’s so close to finally getting it.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Procrastination, writer’s block, or any sort of creative slowdown happens as a direct result of working ourselves up to an unrealistic level of the work we expect to produce.

To be creatively paralyzed may also result in focusing too much on what you think other people will respect at the expense of your authenticity as a creator.

It’s also one thing to conclude the work of others as great or mediocre. However, it’s much harder to discern greatness in our own work.

We can’t truly know if we’re great until we’ve:

  1. Done the work repetitively.
  2. Have the humility to seek the right mentorship (those who have achieved what you want) because you know you haven’t reached greatness yet.

To build your work around this form of awareness is an impenetrable superpower because most people would’ve given up due to their fear of having their ego poked at.

The willingness to seek the right support and start where you’re at without a shiny strategy or inflating your progress will ground you when the journey gets tough.

Allow yourself to be small enough to have the humility to do the work and not get up inside your own ivory tower of what your perceived greatnesses should start at. Greatness is earned. Acknowledge where you currently are and know that you will get there.

You reaching success is not a question of if, it’s a matter of when.



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I'm Michelle Saya!


   I'm a scorpio moon-INFJ biz owner, mindset coach based in New York and love leaning into all things sacred. I help empaths transform their pain into purpose using the wisdom of the birth chart and tarot archetype embodiment.


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business astrologer

I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm an evolutionary business astrologer and intuitive business strategist currently located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart.