The Magician

The Light-Bringer, Channeler of Original Thought & Spiritual Intellect


“Stars ink your fingers with a lexicon of flame blazing rare knowledge.”

 "I Inspire..."

You channel the business archetype of the infinite creator, not minding one's own isolation if it means getting closer to the universal and spiritual truths that life holds before you. Although most empaths thrive when they get time to themselves to recharge, compared to the other archetypes, you thrive in solitude and prefer it above all else. 

It's not that you don't like the company of other people, you're more fascinated with observing the human condition and why people feel and make the choices they do while analyzing and intuiting from a distance in the safe confines of your own comfortable space. Your brilliant ideas flows through you when you're a stoic hermit.

The time you spend in solitude is not wasted. Because you are fully comfortable and find comfort in the self-sufficiency and understanding of your own identity and psyche, you hold an air of confidence that is almost unnatural and may intimidate others by your quirky confidence. You're unconventional, inventive, and extremely inquisitive in how you approach problems dealing with the psychology of people. 


How to take brave steps towards your North Star

The Bringer of Light, Original Thought & Intellect, Channeling Insights Ahead of It's Current Time





The 3rd House, governing communication and the immediate environment, and the 9th House, associated with higher learning, philosophy, and long-distance travel, reflect the Magician's intellectual breadth. A strong emphasis on this axis in a natal chart suggests a voracious appetite for learning and sharing knowledge, as well as the ability to synthesize diverse insights into a cohesive whole that is both innovative and rooted in ancient wisdom.

3rd House/9th House Axis

Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and information, plays a pivotal role in the Magician archetype. A Mercury-dominant chart signifies a natural affinity for processing and sharing information, an inventive mind capable of original thought, and a curiosity that drives the pursuit of knowledge. This placement enhances the ability to analyze and intuit from a distance, channeling insights that are ahead of their time.

Mercury Dominant

Uranus, associated with innovation, rebellion, and breakthroughs, and its sign Aquarius, symbolizing originality and the collective consciousness, resonate strongly with the Magician's qualities. These influences encourage unconventional thinking, a pioneer spirit in developing new frameworks, and a co-collaborative approach to nature's laws. Uranus aspects can also highlight a Magician's quirky confidence and their tendency to challenge societal norms.

Uranus Aspects or Aquarius Influences

potential astrological signatures being expressed in your natal chart

The energies we're here to embody in our sacred business may not always be from our Sun or Rising sign, but other key placements that each serve as a key to your sacred business strategy formula.

 Look to your signs & houses of your Lunar Nodes, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus & Mars as well.

note on how we express from our natal chart

Cunning, Inventive, Resourceful



Manifestation of Thought, Collaborating with the Universe


Shamanic animal

Tarot archetype

✦ May rebel against society without making the effort to harmonize

✦ Although understands human psyche, it is encouraged to apply your knowledge and balance out your solitude with forging new connections

✦ In order to attract your audience, you need to put the effort in building out your community

✦ Tap into your own emotional vulnerability and embrace your intuitive side when you're too invested in logic

Dark attributes

Shadow to Integrate »

✦ Original and inventive in ideas

✦ A pioneer of developing new methodologies & framework that is ahead of society's ability to accept as new norm

✦ Ideas and innovation typically blends well with ancient wisdom and has a co-collaborative quality to nature's laws

✦ Having a wealth of knowledge, a spitfire of random facts and insights, a renaissance of information 

✦ Enigmatic, you stand out without caring what others think

Light attributes

Your Inherent Gifts »

Balance solitude with not being afraid to build multiple close connections with other people. It is in the cultivation of your relationships that is the missing ingredient of redefining what success means for you. What makes you an empath is your compassion in uncovering the truth and bettering society in general - yet there is an irony in your detachment to one-on-one connections despite your good intentions. 

Don't just observe and analyze to create your work, make sure you're an active participant in practicing what you preach.

When you do come out of your isolation, it's almost always to present new novel concepts, ideas, and frameworks that wow's others because of your knack of originality. However, without the cultivation of connecting with others on a deeper emotional level, your ideas will be less likely to be fully embraced especially when such ideas are may rock the boat and challenge society's thought norms.

By relating to others as individuals and recognizing the sacred connection you can build with others, your willingness to champion and share unconventional ideas will thrive with supporters who will help bring it into physical reality. 


Having a blog (and or medium) where you can safely express your thoughts, ideas, and vulnerabilities without feeling overwhelmed with having to actively engage with your audience constantly. When there is a consistent place to get all your ideas down, you can build up your audience by just allowing the invitation of having people absorb the innovation you have within you and your presence through the birth of your new ideas. Pinterest marketing is a great way to generate traffic without the social overwhelm of Instagram and Youtube. 


You have an intense craving for meaning and belief in something greater than yourself, and you champion free thinkers and encourage others to find their own personal philosophies. Yet you can often feel lost on these levels, and while you likely have many brilliant and original ideas about life’s meaning and purpose, you might also hold a sense of disconnection with your ideas and beliefs, feeling some insecurity about them. Or you may be overconfident in your ideas to the point where you may take reckless risks at the cost of your relationships and bonds with other people. Remember, ideas without cultivation your connection to one-to-one human connection inevitably becomes a lost cause.



Command Magnetic Presence

Your Empowered Empath


Tendencies to watch out for

power keywords for your brand & copy

Create a Transformative Vision For Yourself

Manifesting Your Goals Into Physical Reality

Use Sacred Wisdom To Create Impact For Your Business

Create a Profitable Business by Tapping Into Your Intuitive Ideas

Be the Sacred Creator of Your Own Desired Reality

Ikigai Your Originality Into Your Brand

power keywords for your brand & copy

Create a Transformative Vision For Yourself

Manifesting Your Goals Into Physical Reality

Ikigai Your Originality Into Your Brand

Use Sacred Wisdom To Create Impact For Your Business

Be the Sacred Creator of Your Own Desired Reality

Create a Profitable Business by Tapping Into Your Intuitive Ideas

Step into the identity, brand and business model that supports your personal integrity, self-worth and big vision in mind.

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