The Warrior

The Activist, Passionate Advocator, The Catalyst of Change


“The same hot lightning that burns your blood with passion–– cools your fears with peace.”

You're an advocate and champion for what you believe to be just, fair, and missing in humanity and for the well-being of society. You care not only about the individual, but the collective causes on those that have been underserved, misrepresented or have experienced injustice.

Your determination, courage and dedication is at the spotlight of how others perceive you upon first meeting. Others admire your ability to be both passionate and judicious in the causes you fight for. Your quiet but passionate ability to make the mark once you've set a target on what you're willing to fight for is no easy feat yet inspires others to tap into their own bravery and follow suit.

You're an activist and dynamic in energy, not afraid to stand up for others and be outspoken on what is necessary for humanity to succeed, especially in areas where compassion and empathy is concerned. 

You've always known you've been called to defend others and gladly will go to the front lines, taking the lead in being bold, courageous with a strong mission statement that is inspirationally enduring. Fight the good fight and lead the masses into spiritual victory.


How to take brave steps towards your North Star

The Activist, Passionate Advocator, The Catalyst of Change, Leading a Just Cause





Capricorn and the 10th House are associated with authority, often placing individuals with these influences in leadership positions. They naturally command respect and are capable of making tough decisions, guided by their sense of duty and responsibility. Individuals influenced by these placements are goal-oriented, with a clear vision of what they want to achieve. They are willing to work hard and persistently to reach their objectives, often adopting a long-term perspective.

Capricorn/10th House

Mars Dominant people approach life with a can-do attitude, often leading the charge in new endeavors or when facing challenges. Their assertive nature ensures they stand up for themselves and their beliefs without hesitation. There's a straightforwardness to communication and actions. They prefer a direct route, valuing honesty and transparency in interactions. This straightforwardness can be refreshing, though it may sometimes come off as brusque or overly aggressive to those unaccustomed to their intensity.

Mars Dominant

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars, and its association with the 1st House of self-identity, represents the spirit of the Warrior. Aries energy thrives on new beginnings and fearless action. You have the potential to assert your beliefs and fight for your vision of justice confidently. Their clear sense of self and purpose guides their actions. The fast-paced energy of Aries may make them impatient with slower processes or people, leading to potential conflicts or missed opportunities for deeper understanding and collaboration.

Aries/1st House

potential astrological signatures being expressed in your natal chart

The energies we're here to embody in our sacred business may not always be from our Sun or Rising sign, but other key placements that each serve as a key to your sacred business strategy formula.

 Look to your signs & houses of your Lunar Nodes, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus & Mars as well.

note on how we express from our natal chart

Steadiness, Focused, Grace, Perceptive



Courage, Strength, Perseverance


Shamanic animal

Tarot archetype

✦ You're terrible at self-care, and asking for help.

✦ Self-sufficient and a go-getter to the point of burnout.

✦ Must learn to cultivate active rest.

✦ May experience loneliness as people see you not needing help.

✦ Aggression on disagreement of values and strategy may lead to unnecessary resentment, don't take it personal.

Dark attributes

Shadow to Integrate »

✦ Bravery, not afraid to be judged if there's something worth fighting for

✦ Influential in having others take action, persuasive through action

✦ Embody the Power of One - strong influential leadership skill

✦ Ability to move mountains, making leaps & bounds to help bring about massive change in society and the world

Light attributes

Your Inherent Gifts »

Learn to not only fight for others, but fight for your own self-worth and respect. You deserve just as much care and attention as the amount you place on others. Ask for what you deserve, lean onto others for support, forge alliances and don't lone wolf it. 

Understand what you're fighting for and its inherent value, don't let your cause turn to vengeance through simply placing complete blind trust in the cause. Look for blindspots and check people's honesty twice.

You were born to be a leader and know where your impulses are coming from without feeding too much into other people's input on how you should do things. Learn to discern your own actions and reasons by tapping into your own internal truth. 

Ironically, you can make more of an authentic impact in the world when you make it a point to dedicate time everyday to check in with yourself and how you can maintain your boundaries on having others try to convince you to fight their causes without legs to stand on. Be supportive by taking initiative. You have all the tools to take the lead and make conscious choices on which battle is worth fighting for. 


Grassroots movement, going against the grain serves you well. Getting together groups of people through the power of your words to inspire bravery, courage to fight for a cause you deeply believe in. When you go towards humanitarian efforts, whether it's volunteer or non-profit work, or making connections through political activism, you naturally build the repertoire of sharpening your speech, ability to debate and growing a network of people that are ready to support you, standing behind what battles you choose to gladly fight for. 


You are a champion for the underdog, always ready to remind others of how special and important they are. However, you can have trouble absorbing that lesson yourself, and you may go through many years of telling yourself that you count and that you sometimes need to prioritize yourself to feel whole. Refrain from seeing yourself through other people's perspective on how much you can help, save, and serve. Your selflessness can actually be debilitating, causing you to feel resentful when it goes to the point of burnout and needs are not being reciprocated. 



Command Magnetic Presence

Your Empowered Empath


Tendencies to watch out for

power keywords for your brand & copy

The Power of One: Unleash Your Dynamic Purpose

Inspired Action Through Courageous Branding

The Internal Battle to Overcome In Times of Crisis

Unlock The Code to Your Brave Calling

Demonstrate Activism Through Inspired Action

Align your Courage Into Spiritual Power

power keywords for your brand + copy

The Power of One: Unleash Your Dynamic Purpose

Inspired Action Through Courageous Branding

The Internal Battle to Overcome In Times of Crisis

Align your Courage Into Spiritual Power

Demonstrate Activism Through Inspired Action

Unlock The Code to Your Brave Calling

Step into the identity, brand and business model that supports your personal integrity, self-worth and big vision in mind.

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