The Dark Lilith

Devil's Advocate, Shadow Integrator, Ego-Death Transformation


“Un-winged and naked, sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace.”

Transformative. You're on the journey of constantly going through several iterations versions of ego-death to show up in your fullest potential in this lifetime. You may find yourself experiencing multiple lifestyles, personality shifts, friendship groups as well as explore the possibilities of stepping into your calling by fully surrendering to the intensity of chaos bringing about the natural order of life.

Life has been chaotic and yet time and time again, you've survived, barely remembering the old you that was forged through the tower that has lead you on the current iteration of your spiritual journey.  One thing is for certain, through the chaos and the highs and lows of your experiences through this life (and many lifetimes), you understand the shadow self of the human psyche better than any other archetype. You're no stranger to grief, pain, and having a deep understanding of life beyond death. 

You're not afraid to reach the depths of the human condition to reach your desired goal of being resolute with your newfound peace. For those that surrender fully to the highs and lows of life can fully tap into the beauty of what this journey has to offer.

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How to take brave steps towards your North Star

Devil's Advocate, Shadow Integrator, Ego-Death Transformation, Connected to Those Who Passed





Your intuitive abilities are heightened, giving you an uncanny ability to sense the energies and emotions around you. The weight of the physical world might sometimes feel too heavy, leading you to seek escape. Your business might excel in situations where adaptability and intuition are required. Whether it's navigating market changes or shifting business strategies based on intuitive insights, your business has a unique edge.

Pisces/ 12th house

Incorporating the Taurean & 2nd House energy into the life and business of someone embodying "The Dark Lilith" archetype can provide a much-needed sense of grounding, stability, and tangible growth (especially if it's  your Midheaven or North Node). It's like the calm and steadfast earth (Taurus) providing balance to the intense and transformative waters (Scorpio). Cultivate long-lasting relationships with your clients or customers. Taurus energy values loyalty and consistency.

Taurus/ 2nd house

You might experience emotions more deeply than others. The highs are euphoric, and the lows can be quite challenging. This intensity gives you an unparalleled ability to empathize and connect with others on a profound level. Your business might not shy away from discussing or addressing topics that others might find taboo. This can make you a trailblazer in areas that are often left unexplored by mainstream businesses.

Scorpio/ 8th house

potential astrological signatures being expressed in your natal chart

The energies we're here to embody in our sacred business may not always be from our Sun or Rising sign, but other key placements that each serve as a key to your sacred business strategy formula.

 Look to your signs & houses of your Lunar Nodes, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus & Mars as well.

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Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth



Revelation, The Falling Away of What No Longer Serves You


Shamanic animal

Tarot archetype

✦ You often live vicariously through the pain and suffering of others as if it's your own - especially if you haven't fully mastered protecting your energetic boundaries. 

✦ The intensity without proper cultivation can lead to self-destruction, chaos, and addiction if not handled with care.

✦ Can get obsessive, and resentful, if they don't process the spiritual persecution that happens with the nature of dealing with the unknown, uncomfortable taboo subjects. 

✦ Can be intimidating just by the energetic presence they hold. They can balance this energy by being grounded in nature and engaging with the soul of awe archetypes.

Dark attributes

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✦ This individual serves as the catalyst for others to heal and transform

✦ Life won't be the same once this empath archetype enters your life as chaos leads to the falling away of what no longer serves you

✦ Your pain is often productive, transmuting into a stronger you every time. You do not shy away from discomfort.

✦ You've mastered the intensity of your emotional highs and lows and consistently surrendering to the wisdom of the shadow self

Light attributes

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People who have the privilege of knowing you whether on a personal or professional capacity usually always go through their own transformative process that may show it up the form of triggers, uncomfortable wounds that stems from childhood. You are the catalyst to allowing shadow integration to happen with people, even if they are unwilling participants. 

On a more softer side, because of your developed relationship and spiritual understanding of death and what it means to live, people often find extreme comfort when they confide in you about these existential matters. You allow not only the transformation of the physical manifestation of life to happen, but the ideas, and perception that shape our understanding of what we consider to be taboo, bad and evil as well. 

Devil's advocate. Shadow integrator. Carrying the transitions of life and death. You forge, purify and transform others through your own merging of the wounded shadow. Help others make peace with their existentialism and relationship with death, suffering and pain.

Further uncover and understand the darker parts of the human psyche and fully learn to integrate and accept this part of ourselves with tenderness. Providing others the courage to not shy away from confronting their own mortality or fear of change, transformation.


Youtube videos and one-on-one connections allows you to have the platform to be more nuanced with what you have to share with the world. Video format allows people to witness iterations of your many transformations and personal growth. Your eye contact and presence is your strength. Creating video content will really amplify your presence and growth, spreading the courage to undergo our own transformation without being scared of the known. You're bringing to light topics that are safe to explore under your guidance. 

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The wound you'll tend to throughout your lifetime is balancing out the intensity of your emotions. It's not an easy feat to observe and experience pain's full capacity.  You may have gone through some form of psychological trauma or abuse that causes them to become overly protective of yourself, belongings, and loved ones.

Accepting support from others while learning how to enjoy things and people without feeling the need to own them will greatly benefit you. Be aware of your resistance to change through others' input as well. Look for trustworthy mentors to guide you through to your state of balance and groundedness.

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Tendencies to watch out for

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Trauma-Informed Healing

Transformative Healing Through Shadow Work

Shifting Our Ego-Death into Spiritual Purpose

Shadow Work Integration Coaching

End of Life Transition: Death Doula

Unlock Your Inner Power Through Shadow Work

power keywords for your brand & copy

Trauma-Informed Healing

Transformative Healing Through Shadow Work

Shifting Our Ego-Death into Spiritual Purpose

Unlock Your Inner Power Through Shadow Work

End of Life Transition: Death Doula

Shadow Work Integration Coaching

Step into the identity, brand and business model that supports your personal integrity, self-worth and big vision in mind.

Unlock your astrological strategy blueprint in your sacred business to invite others to work with you with ease.

What archetype are you currently embodying in your sacred business right now?

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Learn how to harness your soul pathway, and unblock what's in the way of your prosperity in your business as a spirit-led online brand, conscious coach, healer, a creative trailblazer using the wisdom of your astrology natal birth chart.

You will receive a Cosmic Business Blueprint Workbook to help you fully integrate clarity inside your own soul-aligned business to alongside the workshop training.

The Keys to Your Sacred Work Is In Your Natal Birth Chart

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