The Empress


Mother Gaia, Presence of Divine Wisdom, Integrated Energy


"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

 "I Inspire..."

You represent Mother Gaia and divine energy. As this archetype, you've mastered all the other archetypes and having the wisdom to move forward to lead in your light by simply being present, others can feel safe turning towards you and heal their mother wounds as you exude trustworthiness, warmth, and maternal leadership.

You're mutable in how you show up to the different roles in your life, with having complete awareness of owning capacity to feel without seeing your sensitivity as a weakness. In fact, you've mastered the intuitive boundaries required to lead, and nourish others without the wounds attached to the growing pains of becoming an empowered empath.

Balanced in your emotions, the mastery of the ego and higher self, as well as being integrated with your shadow-attributes, you hold the knowledge, suffering and wisdom of all the archetypes, both past, present and future. You've obtained or well on your way to mastering exactly what seeds need to be sown to bring your goals into fruition without the obsession attached to the end goal. You know there's nothing to prove. Your only justification in fully stepping in your calling is participating in the embodiment of what it means to live and lead a life with grace, assertiveness, and compassion.

About Your BUSINESS archetype 

How to take brave steps towards your North Star

Spiritual Teacher, Leading a Non-Profit Organization, Mentorship Role, Book Writer 





Leo or 5th House energy within the Empress archetype invites you to lead with your heart, showcasing the strength in vulnerability, courage and the power of creative self-expression. A strong 5th House or Leo influence in your natal chart speaks to your capacity for fostering creativity and personal growth in those you mentor or lead. It encourages a leadership style that is warm-hearted, engaging, and supportive of others' creative endeavors, recognizing the transformative power of play and self-expression.

Leo/5th house

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, plays a significant role in the Empress archetype. Venus’s influence also gifts you with diplomacy, enabling you to navigate conflicts with grace and fairness. You possess a natural ability to see various perspectives, making you an effective mediator and mentor, guiding others towards peaceful resolutions. You may naturally attract people with your warmth and understanding, creating communities where everyone feels valued and heard.

Venus Dominant

Your innate understanding of emotional needs allows you to create environments where people feel safe to express their vulnerabilities and grow. Like Mother Gaia, you provide a nurturing space that promotes healing and personal development. You lead not by dominating but by nurturing the potential in others, encouraging them to grow at their own pace. This approach fosters a sense of family and belonging, making your leadership deeply impactful.

Cancer/4th House

potential astrological signatures being expressed in your natal chart

The energies we're here to embody in our sacred business may not always be from our Sun or Rising sign, but other key placements that each serve as a key to your sacred business strategy formula.

 Look to your signs & houses of your Lunar Nodes, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus & Mars as well.

note on how we express from our natal chart

Reflective, Wise, Steady



Abundant, Renaissance of the Divine Feminine


Shamanic animal

Tarot archetype

✦ Although you've mastered and honed your intuitive gifts to work in your favor as an empowered empath, your journey as a student of life is reinforced here.

✦  Don't lose your childhood sense of wonder, and ability to stay inquisitive. Explore different frameworks, modalities that are outside of your comfort zone.

✦ You're allowed to make mistakes by embracing being the beginner in other areas of your life. 

✦ Be careful not to attach your entire identity to how much people validate your ability to help impact other people's lives

Dark Attributes

Shadow to Integrate »

✦ You're trustworthy upon first impression.

✦ Both masculine and feminine dominant individuals can benefit from your guidance especially at a mentorship or leading a group.

✦ You're also balanced in channeling both your logic, discernment, and intuition that seems to flow effortlessly, giving you the natural command of leadership.

✦  With both a balanced desire of sticking to honoring your most sacred values in life as well as embracing flexibility in changed plans, people can benefit from your fully integrated shadow-light attributes.

Light attributes

Your Inherent Gifts »

Your purpose in this lifetime as an empowered empath is to set the example of leading without the ego but through the channel of higher self.

Redefine the meaning of success for others by embodying the values you've applying in daily practice. Remember that showing others how to step fully into the empowered empath requires you to fully embrace the inner student in you and to lean towards experiences that allows you the opportunity of being a beginner again.

People naturally gravitate to your leadership and care deeply about what you say. Hold your influence with gratitude in knowing you can cultivate collective healing through leading community,  and yet - be humbled by the new lessons you acquire that allows you to play the student participatory role as well. Staying vulnerable meeting people where they're at is key here. 

Despite all of your accomplishments,  it will be greatly benefit you to be cognizant that your "crown" and magnetism is not a representation that you've finished your work and mastery of your time here on earth. Nor is it healthy to dedicate all the ratio of your efforts to serving the community without cultivating nourishment and rest for yourself. 

Your business archetype pathway

Because of your wealth of life experience and wisdom, you would thrive writing a book and being a guest on other people's podcast shows. Press and focusing getting your impact through diverse communities allows for others to be inspired by the successful foundation you've already built. Creating masterclass content in partnership with other leaders will also further your impact.


Tendencies to watch out for

You may hold onto guilt for enjoying material things, comfort, luxury, and so forth when you can use that time to make an impact in the world and change people's lives for the better. Be careful not to attach your entire identity and self-worth in how much you can help and contribute in other people's lives.

Embrace cultivating your rest and nourishment is key to sustaining your energy as an empowered empath.

Your sense of completeness lies in knowing without question that it lies from simply being at peace with your existence in this very present moment. Serve without being enmeshed in the attachment of saving others.



Command Magnetic Presence

Your Empowered Empath


power phrases for your brand & copy

Nourish through Spiritual Leadership

Leading with Authenticity

Complete Alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit

Inner Child / Shadow work 

Shamanic Healing (My Ancestral Lineage)

Divine Feminine/Masculine Embodiment 

power phrases for your brand & copy

Nourish through Spiritual Leadership

Leading with Authenticity

Complete Alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit

Divine Feminine/Masculine Embodiment 

Shamanic Healing (My Ancestral Lineage)

Inner Child / Shadow work 

Step into the identity, brand and business model that supports your personal integrity, self-worth and big vision in mind.

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