The High Priestess

Interpreter of Dreams, Subtle Whispers of Divine Truth, The Oracle


“Feet sandaled with dreams tread paths of vision leading to wisdom’s sharp peaks.”

An intuitive, a loyal devout seeker who is completely devoted to the sacred path of wisdom. Shamanic in all her ways, she represents the unlimited potential of creation that is waiting to be birthed in the hands of the awakened empaths. She is the cusp of epiphanies, dreams, and spiritual imagery that we must find the courage to courageously tap into to awaken its full divine power.

For the priestess archetype, you're able to tap into powerful infinite creation & inspiration by going within and embracing the silence. It's listening to the quiet tune of the universe that will enable you to tune into the subtle whispers of your spirit guides and higher self. 

Magnetic, intriguing without needed to say much to get your point across, you embody the sacred inner wisdom in all of us through art, embracing your sensitivity to colors, your dreams and folklore-inspired songs & stories. 

You're the storyteller that brings to life the characters of the long forgotten, and your purity of tapping into the non-physical. This grants you the gift of seeing the magic and beauty underneath shedding away the matrix layers to make way for your calling as an awakened soulpreneur.


How to take brave steps towards your North Star

Interpreter of Dreams, Subtle Whispers of Divine Truth, The Oracle, The Prophetic Dream-Catcher





The 12th House in astrology, known as the house of the unconscious, spirituality, and solitude, closely aligns with the High Priestess archetype. An emphasis on the 12th House indicates a life path that involves exploring the depths of the subconscious, engaging with spiritual practices, and often, undergoing periods of solitude that foster internal growth and psychic development.

12th House Emphasis

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is associated with spirituality, dreams, and the dissolution of boundaries between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Individuals with significant Pisces or Neptune influences in their chart possess a natural affinity for tapping into the collective unconscious and the ethereal. This placement strengthens the High Priestess's capacity for prophetic dreams, artistic expression, and connecting with universal energies.

Pisces and Neptune Influences

The Moon, ruling over our emotions, intuition, and the subconscious, plays a pivotal role for those embodying the High Priestess archetype. A Moon-dominant chart or strong Cancer placement enhances one's ability to connect with the emotional and spiritual undercurrents of life. It imbues the individual with a profound empathetic and nurturing energy, allowing them to be deeply in tune with the unsaid and unseen.

Moon Dominant or Cancerian Placements

potential astrological signatures being expressed in your natal chart

The energies we're here to embody in our sacred business may not always be from our Sun or Rising sign, but other key placements that each serve as a key to your sacred business strategy formula.

 Look to your signs & houses of your Lunar Nodes, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus & Mars as well.

note on how we express from our natal chart

Acceptance, Surrender, Fleeting yet Sacred Magic



Hope, Faith, Intuitive Epiphanies, Prophetic Dreams


Shamanic animal

Tarot archetype

✦ The people that surround this empath archetype may create self-doubt and invoke spiritual disbelief.

✦ Needs to have extreme trust and complete devotion to his/her inherent values/convictions.

✦  Dream world without a solid understanding of grounding practices might paralyze this individual to be a constant wanderer and be in the clouds without any action taking.

✦ Prone to depression and can experience mental illness if there is no grounded practice in cultivating your intuitive gifts

Dark Attributes

Shadow to Integrate »

✦ Have the ability to experience prophetic healing dreams

✦ Powerful storyteller, usually gifted in art and writing

✦ Able to help connect symbolism with daily life, master at witnessing and deciphering synchronicities in daily life

✦ Inherent knowing of what is unsaid and unseen to the unconscious eye,

✦ Inspirations and fantasies can manifest powerfully through the spiritual laws of attraction

Light Attributes

Your Inherent Gifts »

Naturally clairvoyant and using this skill as her means of language to communicate with others, she connects the dream world to our realized sense of worth. Symbolisms, patterns, and representations of myths come to life as she seamlessly makes the connection to how it can apply towards our growth on this spiritual journey.

The beginning of your conscious spiritual journey as an empath may look a lot like having this huge attachment to create order and structure in not only your day to day life, but also the perception you have on the way the world should be.

Your purpose in this lifetime is to truly trust and surrender to Higher Power and the collective consciousness of the universe. When you put your trust without having the need to prove through logic and reason, you'll be less prone to being paralyzed through indecision and allow your intuitive gifts to truly blossom. 

Your individual pursuit of the spiritual truth through writing, being an artist, building up an artisanal craft or even being a musician/performer allows you to help others channel their own dreams and fantasies of bringing the infinite energy into reality. Allow others to see the magic in their life by simply embodying your practice in the creative arts. 


Some succeed through having an extremely structured laid out plan. However for you, your success depends on tapping into your intuitive hits. Acting on your hunches, epiphanies, and the synchronicities in life is your spiritual guides leading you the way towards working on your calling in the most aligned way possible. As long as you set an initial intention and manifest it through daily journaling, and setting intentions through soulfully aligned affirmations, you'll notice your ability to command opportunities to your life can happen almost instantaneously. 


You have a distinctly soft side, and you’re ready to consider people’s backstories–or presume they have valid ones–before casting judgments. Your main problem can be forgiving others too quickly. While forgiveness is a strength, if it’s taken too far, it can keep you in an awkward place, perhaps holding onto things that would be better off left behind you.

Consider that you take on far too much guilt. You can be an excellent counselor, but you tend to give more than you get, and you’re often behind on your own self-care in the process. You may also be prone to over-worrying and experience a heightened state of anxiety through the thoughts you have. Be aware of the inner dialogue through daily journaling.



Command Magnetic Presence

Your Empowered Empath


Tendencies to watch out for

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power keywords for your brand & copy

The Alchemy of Dream Journaling

Past Life Regression Through Dream Meditation

Cultivate Your Intuition Through Your Dreams

Clairsentience 101: Strengthen Your Knowing

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Life Coaching Through Spiritual Imagery 

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