The Soul of Awe

The Innocents, Child-Like Wonder, Source of Epiphanies


“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.”

You see the absolute best in people, and have an eternal childlike lens of the world. Having the ability to not let life and the human condition get you down, you seem to be immune to the parasitic nihilism that plagues people the ability to imagine, hope and create. 

Quick to forgive, and a magnet for new friendships whenever you go, you bring a positive and sometimes even quirky, humorous take to life, taking away the intensity and providing a soothing balm to the pain of the human condition

You're the representation of new beginnings, what it means to be in awe life, and capturing spirituality in the subtleties of the change in seasons - appreciating nature in all of your capacity. Unbeknownst to others, you also have the uncanny ability to create lightness in unexpected ways to others who are working through their unconscious shadow wounds. It's not uncommon to have people meet your innocence with resistance only then to appreciate the insight you've gifted them long after the interaction has been over.


How to take brave steps towards your North Star

The Innocents, Child-Like Wonder, Source of Epiphanies, The Birth of a New Soul, Mirror





The 5th House in astrology is the domain of creativity, joy, and the expression of one’s authentic self. An emphasis on this house can indicate a natural ability to tap into one’s inner child, inspiring others to reconnect with their own sources of joy and wonder. This placement supports the archetype’s attributes of playfulness, spontaneity, and the capacity to find and share the silver linings in any situation.

5th House Emphasis

Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, and transcendence, plays a significant role for those embodying the Soul of Awe archetype. A dominant Neptune in the chart highlights a deep connection to the spiritual and intangible aspects of life. It fosters an innate ability to inspire and heal others through compassion and empathy. This placement also enhances the imaginative and creative faculties, enabling the individual to envision and communicate possibilities that others may not easily perceive.

Neptune Dominant

Pisces, as a sign, is naturally attuned to the undercurrents of the human psyche, embodying empathy, intuitive insight, and a boundless imagination. This water sign's influence enhances the Soul of Awe's innate ability to perceive the world through a lens of wonder and compassion.  Geminis are naturally sociable, often using their wit and charm to connect with others and spread their optimistic and innovative ideas. This sign's influence fosters adaptability, versatility, and a playful approach to life, echoing the Soul of Awe's childlike wonder and joy in discovery.

Pisces or Gemini Influences

potential astrological signatures being expressed in your natal chart

The energies we're here to embody in our sacred business may not always be from our Sun or Rising sign, but other key placements that each serve as a key to your sacred business strategy formula.

 Look to your signs & houses of your Lunar Nodes, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus & Mars as well.

note on how we express from our natal chart

Pure Thinking, Honesty, Gentleness, Kindness



Possibilities, Open Opportunities, Leap of Faith


Shamanic animal

Tarot archetype

✦  Can be naive and unknowingly lets herself get taken advantage easily

✦ Afraid to rock the boat or speak the absolute truth in fears of hurting people

✦ Can be in denial or glamorize, place others on pedestals.

✦ May ignore red flags because you truly want to see the best in people. Look for patterns, not promises. 

Dark attributes

Shadow to Integrate »

✦ You're able to shine light on everyone's inherent gifts and positive attributes. People can soothe their imposter syndrome if you're their confidante

✦ The world is more inspiring, and full of possibilities when you share what it's like to see life through your perspective

✦ Eternal optimist, can help others see the silver lining in every situation

✦ Innocence and purity can inspire others to tap into healing their inner child and release shame with their emotional wounds

Light attributes

Your Inherent Gifts »

Learn to set intuitive boundaries and refrain from putting people and opportunities on a pedestal when first meeting them. You often see the best in people and in some ways, this can lead you to difficult situations where your ability to confront and be assertive gets tested. As you continue on the journey as a Soul of Awe Empath, you'll develop the self-confidence to use your ability to inspire others without exhausting your own energy. Compassion fatigue is real with people that possess this archetype. 

Allowing self to confront the darker parts of the psyche, starting with approaching different aspects of life (the harsher aspects) from an adult position will help you garner self-respect as well as attract respect from others. The key is to embrace your own shadow-integration while not losing your capacity to be the optimist.  

Once you step fully into accepting your own responsibility for success and develop the self-control to channel your spontaneity and playfulness in a deliberate way to help others, you'll be able to be a beacon of light even in times of trauma and tragedy. Embrace fully stepping in your own confidence, owning who you are completely and establishing a healthy ego, masculine container to lead you forward in life.


Your serendipitous and trusting nature automatically helps you develop rapport with others without much effort. Lean into reaching out to people in real time when you're connecting with others through your hobbies and inner social groups. Leverage your natural talent for reaching out personally through others online by DM-ing them, responding to other people's content to cultivate that trusted brand relationship.


You champion standing out as unique, taking pride in yourself, and enjoying life to the fullest, but you can have some difficulties applying these beliefs to your own life, perhaps feeling guilty about being prideful, bragging, or showing off when you’ve done well for yourself. While you’re all for the philosophy behind the expression “dance as if no one’s looking,” you may be bothered by people's inclination to judge no matter how you choose to show up in life.

Don't let this get in the way of you stepping fully into your light, and refrain from getting lost in the dependence of having people be on the same optimistic wave length as you do. You know you can't control other people's reactions, but you can grow your assertive muscle to channel your playful energy in more productive ways to people that will safely hold space for you to do so.



Command Magnetic Presence

Your Empowered Empath


Tendencies to watch out for

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Inner Child Healing to Joyful Living

Unleash Soulful Inspiration

Set Intuitive Boundaries to Cultivate Your Light

Hope-Inspired Content Creation Masterclass

How to Create Impactful Awe In Your Client's Transformative Journey

Journal Practice to Cultivate Ongoing Inspiration for Your Brand

power keywords for your brand & copy

Inner Child Healing to Joyful Living

Unleash Soulful Inspiration

Set Intuitive Boundaries to Cultivate Your Light

How to Create Impactful Awe In Your Client's Transformative Journey

Hope-Inspired Content Creation Masterclass

Journal Practice to Cultivate Ongoing Inspiration for Your Brand

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