the conditioned mind cannot comprehend the infinite


Conditioned to Ride the Hustle Culture of Corporate Burnout

Born and raised in Northern California as a first generation immigrant, my family introduced me to poverty programming and needing to embrace the dark arts of hustle culture to survive. 

Through this programming, I hustled my way up the corporate ladder, working in the cutthroat fashion industry under the pressures of ego-driven celebrity culture and toxic capitalism.

During my 80 hour work weeks, I was berated for wearing flats (and not high heels) and struggling to match my boss's coffee to their ideal hex code.

It was like living in a real-life Devil Wears Prada. 

Desperately seeking a change, I transitioned to the world of higher education, thinking it would be different. Yet, I was quickly disillusioned by the same hustle culture and workplace politics that plagued my previous career. 

I was lost. Bitter.

 And definitely not operating in alignment to the energetic purpose of my cosmic design. A shooting at my workplace was the sign for me that I’ve hit rock bottom and needed to get out of this programming. 

I left my job, my relationship and sold all my things, taking my first ever solo trip to Bali.

It was this powerful life-changing experience that opened the floodgates to my spiritual gifts that have been laying dormant from living in such a rigid and sheltered home environment. 

It was through this trip I experienced my first ever birth chart reading. Energy healing. Connection to my ancestors. And that sealed my fate. My world was forever changed. 


The Power of Merging Astrology & Business Strategy for My Clients

Then the pandemic happened. And I saw the collective humanity go dark. I felt the pain and mass hysteria. I also saw a new uprising of ex-corporate escapees (like me!) passionately stepping into their own business forged from the foundations of their spiritual values and integrity.

That was my sign to step into service of this new paradigm level of leadership. 

Today, as an intuitive business astrologer, coach and strategist, I use my signature EMBODY U™ framework incorporating my proven system of business astrology, energetics, tailored business strategy as a tool to more deeply understand my clients. I keenly understand my clients' desires, energetic blockages posing as blindspots in their business. And this is when the magic happens. We're able to clarify and envision the creation of a business foundation that's so damn supportive to their energy. 

Clients start to realize they're in the driver's seat of their own life and business. What is in alignment for them is in their birthright and the universe has been supporting them this whole time.


step into the highest expression of your identity in your business

Your Phoenix Rising Has Arrived.

Working with me is having a consummate Astrologer, business strategist, and energetics guide on your team. All the experiences I've went through created the navigation system that was key for me to make choices in full alignment with my highest success timelines & create a multi six-figure business doing my purpose work. 

Work With Michelle


a commitment to self-mastery

Through daily devoted work of healing myself spiritually and energetically, I'm now able to give back and help heal others emotionally through my connection with spirit. Through this painful but extraordinary journey, I want to use my gifts to help other empaths going through their own spiritual awakening to acquire the tools and courage step confidently into their life's work. Too many of us are walking around with tremendous gifts that are misconstrued as weaknesses.

If you're starting to experience an intelligent, invisible force of energy that seems to pervade every area of your life whether it's in the form of sudden disconnection from group identity thinking or having this nudging inner voice that tells you there's a calling you have that's waiting to meet you, trust it.

The content I create on this website, what I promote on my podcast and the coaching offers I provide are all intended to guide you to the path of helping other empaths that have gone through trauma and not feeling seen or appreciated to have the confidence to set strong intuitive boundaries in life, become unapologetic with who they are and what they want to become, and design a lifestyle & business that supports this newfound alignment they're reaching.

My coaching style and teaching methods is co-collaborative to honoring the deep self-reflective process my clients will go through in uncovering what things in life do they find most sacred and creating a holistic yet effective strategy to embody this goal to our everyday being. I incorporate and customize my coaching approach based on the client's needs using these methodologies (but not limited to): Customized Birth chart & tarot wisdom, Reiki energy healing, Nushu group facilitation, CBT & NLP script exercises, inner child & shadow work integration, reality shifting journal scripting, and divine masculine & feminine embodiment work.