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Entrepreneur Astrology Services

Be at Home with Your Sacred Work

Serving Mystics Who Are Ready to Unlock New Levels of Prosperity & Alignment in Their Life and Business

60 min Business 1:1 private Recalibration Experience


Designed for bold mystics & creatives in business who are seeking guidance and clarity on how to fully step into their magnetism and confidence as a scroll-stopping brand online.

Included in your private 1:1 - 60 min. recalibration session on Zoom:

  • I open up your natal birth chart going over what business, branding and marketing strategies best aligned with aspects in your chart. I audit your existing business and share energetic downloads on your prosperity roadmap to fulfillment.

  • Get clear on how to best show up in the next 6 months to upgrade the programming of your current identity and break through limiting belief blocks to achieve your goals

  • A recorded video of your session will be sent to you after the session via email.

Gift yourself the opportunity of truly meeting yourself and your business blindspots down to the psyche soul level. 

Energetic Investment:


Book your 1:1

book your 1:1

black moon lilith course

i'm ready to claim my power

Step into your power

Join a 4 week course experience where exploring the wisdom of Lilith, sacred rage & the spiritual womb across history, culture and astrology. Connect with your inner Lilith and step into your own potent divine feminine power.

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Discover your shadow & your personal relationship with both the light and dark divine feminine energy

Discover your subconscious fears, your relationship with oppression and the ways you can unshackle the binds that weigh you down in life and business.

Explore your hidden desires, your coping mechanisms, & how to transmute grief and anger into raw, untapped power.

Recognize the areas of your life where you value free will and where you're least willing to compromise.

Connect with your energetic womb and release the conditioning of over-giving.

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EMBODY U™ BIZ Self-paced program

I'm ready to build a soul-led brand

Build your Soul-aligned biz

Craft a sacred & prosperous business with profitable offerings that supports your sensitivity, unique gifts & energetic well-being.  This is a transformative self-paced program filled with 12 modules of video trainings & workbook exercises made for aspiring entrepreneurs & healers who want to create a sacred business that honors your unique energy signature and spiritual calling. 

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Learn to let go of the wounds/old story holding you back in your sacred biz.

Confidently charge & learn how to enjoy selling, navigating objections with ease.

Cut through the noise on all your ideas to create a prosperous biz blueprint that feels right for once & moves the needle to experience lasting results in your business.

Craft a profitable content strategy online and magnetize your offers with high touch point support from me as your guide.

Uncover the soul gifts & your marketing magnetism by tapping into the energetics of your astrological birth chart.

Access the program

Do you have the desire to build a life that is in complete alignment with what you deeply yearn but have no idea how to begin the process?

If the above resonates with you, reach out to me via email at or over at my Instagram at @michelle_saya where we will discover what's currently not working for you and I'll help you choose the right service blueprint to transform your current identity to shift into your embodied desired reality.

It's Time To Come Home To Yourself

Need help choosing the right service?

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Initiate Your Sacred Business Clarity & Success with the Power of Astrology

90 minute masterclass training

energetic exchange $37

Watch the masterclass

Step into the pathway of conscious entrepreneurship aligned to the natural gifts in your astrology blueprint. This revolutionary 90 minute masterclass is made for aspiring mystics, heart-led service providers, creatives.

Crafted for visionary soulpreneurs shifting from corporate to an enduring creative business that lights you up, explore tailored astrology strategies, harness the power of your natural talents, and turn challenges into stepping stones for success. 

Is Written in the Stars

Entrepreneur Astrology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

For tailored guidance aligned with your unique business vision, I recommend the 1:1 Birth Chart Biz Strategy Session. This session dives deep into your astrological makeup to uncover actionable insights for your business strategy. Learn more and book your session here. Alternatively, if you're looking for a self-paced journey to transform your business identity, the Embody U course may be perfect for you. Discover more about this transformative course here.

I want direction for my business which service should I do?

Absolutely! If you're uncertain about which service aligns best with your current business needs, I invite you to send me a private message over on my Instagram account @michelle_saya or email me at

We'll explore the challenges you're facing and identify the ideal service blueprint to transition you into your desired reality. This personalized guidance will help you make an informed decision on how to proceed. 

I'm unsure which service to choose. Can you help?

Yes, I provide free resources aimed at helping entrepreneurs align their businesses with the stars for optimal success. You can gain insights and inspiration from my blog and podcast, where I cover various topics related to business astrology and beyond. Explore the blog here and tune into the podcast here for valuable tips and astrological guidance.

Do you offer any free resources for sacred biz entrepreneurs?

My Entrepreneur Astrology Services offer a unique blend of celestial insight and practical business strategy, tailored to help you align your sacred business growth endeavors with the cosmic energetics of your astrological natal chart. By understanding your birth chart, you can make more informed decisions, identify optimal timing for launches and initiatives, and harness your strengths for maximum success and fulfillment. These services provide a deeper understanding of your path and potential, empowering you to navigate your business journey with confidence and clarity.

How does your business astrology services benefit my entrepreneurial journey?