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Embark on a self-paced astrology for business journey where your spiritual & entrepreneurial path merge seamlessly. Craft an online business sustains you financially & fulfills your soul’s path using high level strategy & business astrology energetics.

Create a Thriving Sacred Business That Honors Your Soul

Made for Rising Soulpreneurs, Mystic CEOs, & Creatives

You realize during this part of your sacred business journey that without laser clear clarity on:

You believe your career gets to be MORE than just collecting a paycheck under a corporate hierarchy that doesn’t light up your soul. 

You embarked on this soul-led journey because you felt an undeniable calling, a dream to use your unique gifts to enrich lives and enjoy authentic freedom.

So you start jumping on your business ideas from a place of  giddy excitement, beginner's high with a romantic vision of how successful your launch will go.

you hear nothing but crickets.

The day of launch arrives.

Before you know it... the initial honey moon period of starting your sacred business quickly wanes.

"Is it my business idea? Am I meant to be doing this work?"

"Or is it my messaging?

"Now that I read my own copy, I don't even know what I'm truly offering..."

What is my soul is designed to do in this world?

Who am I naturally gifted at supporting?

How do I go about communicating my mission so I can grow my sacred business with ease?

To having unrivaled conviction as a thriving soulpreneur in your sacred business.

You're going to need supportive resources & energy aligned mentors to help you shift from being "identity-less" in your work...

this is the stage where I see the most common mistakes soulpreneurs begin to make...

Instead of feeling confident & laser clear on your own soulpreneur gifts, you fall into the comparison trap because you join these programs that teach you to "just be like them.

Commanding dreamy clients and building their powerful communities online and you wonder what magic sauce they're infusing that's magnetizing all the abundance their way.

Are your tarot cards giving you the hint it's time for a massive shift?

Pulling the Hanged Man card suggests that you may need to let go of your current approach in your biz and look at things from a different angle to achieve your goals.

Are you reassessing how to move forward in your biz?

Time for a Wake Up Call

You're called to make a significant change in your business. This requires you to let go of old patterns and embrace a new perspective or approach.

You're current period of upheaval & uncertainty in your business will ultimately lead to growth and powerful transformation if you take the leap in your business.

Is your biz going through a tower moment?

Rising in your sacred business success feels like coming home to your natural birthright.

Imagine every word you craft in your business resonating deeply with those meant to hear it. Your words are no longer just information; they're a connection, a bridge between your soul and theirs. Harness astrological wisdom to create messaging so clear and compelling, it feels like a personal call to each listener. Your offerings become light houses, magnetically drawing in those who need what you offer.

Are you ready to close the gap between your current reality and the sacred business experience you've always envisioned?

You may start joining cookie-cutter business courses & buying generic content idea templates.

Or even joining overly bloated community business programs where instead of clarity, your head spins with all the false promises & distracting noise of traditional marketing tactics.

Soon...you watch from the sidelines as other conscious creators & mystics blaze a path towards success online.

When you follow the unique blueprint of your birth chart...

connect with your higher self & see the vision ahead for you...

→  Envision a community growing organically around your work, where marketing feels like a natural extension of your astrological magnetism. This isn't about chasing or convincing; it's about attracting and welcoming. Each post, each email, and each interaction is an open door to your world, inviting those who share your vision and values. Your business is no longer a solitary pursuit but a collective adventure, enriched by every soul that joins you on this path.

Picture a business that's not just profitable but deeply fulfilling. Profits become more than numbers; they are reflections of your impact on the world. Imagine waking up each day, knowing your work doesn't just pay the bills but also contributes to your spiritual growth and fulfills your life's purpose. You find yourself in a virtuous cycle where your spiritual growth fuels your business success, and your business success further accelerates your personal development.

You have consistent energizing CEO energy and finally put a stop to the cycle of burnout. You learn to work with your natural rhythms, not against them. This alignment brings a sense of ease and flow to your work. You no longer push through exhaustion; instead, you ride the waves of your innate energy. Tasks that once felt burdensome now unfold effortlessly. You find time for rest and rejuvenation, knowing that it's not a hindrance but a crucial part of your success.


Designed for soulpreneurs like you, Embody U is more than just a course; it's a journey into aligning your business strategy with the celestial map written in your stars. Dive into a world where your messaging resonates deeply, your community builds naturally, and your fulfillment and profits reflect your soul's purpose. 

Shave off years of trial and error that goes into learning & applying astrology (astrology beginners are welcomed) & powerful business strategies into the future of your business.


I don't gate keep anything inside of this program. You'll receive instant access to helpful resources to get clear on your business direction & the strategy supportive for your growth.

over 50 action taking video lessons

You'll receive instant access to all 12 modules of the core Embody U curriculum on what you need to build a brand new soul-led business or recalibrate an existing business.

lifetime core curriculum access

Receive lifetime access to your very own private course portal (for as long as this program exists) where you'll receive future updated trainings inside the Embody U Self Study ecosystem.


Although on average it takes about 3 months to truly integrate the learnings of this program, you get to work at your own pace since everyone's business grows in their own divine timing.

This fully comprehensive program is the first of it’s kind that powerfully infuses both the principles of business astrology, wealth energetics and practical business strategy to help you share your work in the world in your own unique way.

This program will energetically support you in shedding old narratives keeping you stuck in moving forward in your business, unlock your purpose into crafting powerful offerings.

Take full control of your schedule, your income and your future. Tap into your superpower that inspires people to want to work with your magic.

What makes Embody U™ One of a Kind?

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inside the program

soul work clarity

end feast & famine

become a brand magnet

Cut through the noise on all your ideas & create a prosperous business blueprint that actually moves the needle in business. 

Enter the era where you're getting inquiries in your DMs, email notifications everyday where sales are being made without you chasing.

Create a thriving offer suite that doesn't depend on you constantly launching or producing excessive content online to make 5 figure months a daily reality. 

Learn to Harness

For soulpreneurs ready to rise in their biz

self-study sacred business program for soulpreneurs

You're ready to invest in a high quality educational course that provides you all the resource to build consistent 5 figure months.

You're a self-led with a willingness to move past your comfort zone. You're ready to take your business seriously.

You're resourceful, love solving problems in your business from a place of curiosity, experimentation with a growth mindset.

You don't see astrology as a helpful tool. You're a spiritual skeptic who prefer to focus only on the logical, left-brained aspects of business.

You're looking for a low-investment educational program that allows you to dabble because you're not ready to commit 100% effort.

You already make consistent 5 to 6 figure months in your business and don't have the desire or willingness to change/improve your current business model & approach.

Who this is for

Who this is not for

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"I only have awesome things to say about the EMBODY U program.

Initially I thought it was quite a large investment but after joining and starting the course, it didn't take long for me to realize that every cent I paid for was extremely value for money!

I have utmost respect for the amount of effort, time, sacred energy, wisdom, years of knowledge and experience Michelle has put in into the course portal. It is mindblowing!"


Energy & Empath Coach Terraaj Healing

Janel hit 5-figures in 6 weeks by launching her website honoring the energetics of her birth chart.

Course Experience

Hi there,
I'm Michelle!

meet your biz astrologer

I'm an intuitive biz guide & astrologer helping mystics in business unlock their client attraction messaging & sales funnel blueprint using the energetics of their natal birth chart.

 I use Western Tropical, Evolutional Astrology with an integrative blend of Human Design to understand the psychological drivers of my clients and how they can confidently take ownership of the narrative of their business through the reflective practices of transpersonal storytelling & authentic marketing

I'm a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising! In Human Design I'm a 3/5 Manifesting Generator. I use astrology as a tool to help clients explore their beliefs stemming from childhood and how that may reflect into the subconscious choices/actions that's currently present for them in their life and business. 



Mercury Rx
Rulership in Scorpio

Scorpio stellium in the 6th house 

Ruth launched her website, attracted her first paid 1:1 client sessions 

Cosmic Soul Activator

Milestones & Results:

"Signing up for Embody U™ truly was the spark my soul needed to activate my mission!"





The principles I teach inside this signature framework inside Embody U has been the guiding force in how I gain visibility in my business and call in multiple 6 figures by honoring the rhythms of my own natal chart.

Now's your chance to learn how you can do this for yourself.

results from Embody U Students Who Took The Leap

wins & breakthroughs

Azia hit her $10K month in August and grew her Tik Tok brand presence to over 46K followers going through just the cosmic business framework that you'll learn in this training.

Social Media Management & Content Creator


Embody U Student Results

  • launched 2 soul offers

  • Exploded her tik tok account


  • Astro Timing Technique from Michelle allowed my campaign to explode with over 2 million views

  • LAUNCHED astro-aligned WEBSITE in 3 days


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Explore the Course

Regardless of your astrology level, this module is designed to give you the basic foundations of how to read and interpret your birth chart easily so you can apply actions in your business right away.

Learn how to activate your life force energy with the power of your natal Mars to create sustainable motivation as you rise as a soulpreneur.

module four

module three

module two

module one

Astro 101 To Kickoff Your Biz Journey

module four

module three

module two

module one

Bring forth your sacred gifts and discover the power of releasing in order to propel yourself towards a life-giving, soulful direction. Through this module we will explore Chiron’s wisdom of healing and unearthing our dormant gifts.

Harness the power of the Lunar Nodes by acknowledging what you've already mastered with the South Node, so that we can direct ourselves through divine work guided by our North Node.

Your Cosmic Direction & Soul Gifts

module four

module three

module two

module one

Know who you're energetically designed to work with in your business using the power of your Natal Venus to attract soul-aligned clients & business collaborators to propel your community growth to new heights. 

We will be going over your story arc, creating more awareness around the moments in your life that provided powerful teaching lessons connected to your astrological Nodes. By powerfully connecting with our prospects in your sacred business through the power of storytelling, authentic sharing becomes one of your greatest marketing assets.

Venus Client Attraction & Storytelling Arc

module four

module three

module two

module one

As visionaries, we often have a multitude of future projects and big dreams swirling around in our heads. In this module, you'll learn how to trust your inner guidance system to move forward into the work you're designed to facilitate in the world. 

We'll also be uncovering the astrological framework to creating a magnetic brand persona so you can be seen as a trusted leader in the online space.

Branding with Midheaven & Biz Positioning


phase one

Lighting Up Your Soul's Pathway

In this module we will be constructing your offer ideas that support the journey of your client. This will be based upon the type of solution you would like to provide in the sacred container of work that you're doing.

We will create your signature program structure and outlining what needs to be in the program, going over email list building to nurture your audience to want to invest in themselves with the offers you provide, and finish off with a lesson in free offers and how this will look and be created different than that of a paid offer.

module SEVEN

module SIX




Crafting a Magnetic Offer Suite

module EIGHT

module FIVE

Learn how to attract prosperity with your Lot of Fortune. You'll be exploring what you're making your relationship to money mean and how you can unblock yourself from experiencing prosperity in your business.

Learn how to appropriate price your offers that doesn't compromise with your nervous system yet allows you to ground in your self worth. You'll learn to map out easy to follow profit goals so you hit your target every quarter in your sacred business.

  • How to activate new wealth portals with lot of fortune in astrology




Lot of Fortune Prosperity & Profit Pricing

module SEVEN

module SIX

module EIGHT

module FIVE

Come out on top in an industry filled with big players by staying authentic to your own innovative approach to your work in content plan and messaging.

From writing your sales page to crafting an email, be a David amongst Goliaths using your Mercury placement so you can stay true to your potent message and how you can magnetically communicate with your audience.

  • Learn how to share your powerful message with mercury

  • Build a powerful cosmic word bank 

  • Sales page framework that converts visitors to devoted clients

  • your intuitive email messaging strategy

Mercury Messaging & Copywriting

module SEVEN

module SIX

module EIGHT

module FIVE

Learn how to approach social media intentionally without experiencing content fatigue. In this module I teach a a multi-channel approach long-term (diversify your leads) so you're not social media dependent.

You'll also learn a powerful content creation strategy so you never run out of ideas, while staying relevant to your community's needs.

  • building your social media ecosystem

  • intuitive content creation strategy

  • architecture of magnetic copywriting

Intuitive Social Media Strategy

module SEVEN

module SIX

module EIGHT

module FIVE


phase two

Energetics of How Your Serve

Learn the powerful framework on launching new offers without compromising your nervous system. This framework works for a variety of offers from mid-level to high tier offers- whether you have 1:1, group, or monthly membership containers.

I'll take you behind the scenes behind how I turned a proof of concept live digital class I've launched in the past into an evergreen model that brings in at least consistent $10K months without me doing live launches. 

module eleven

module ten




  • Create a profitable evergreen model that supports your energy

Live Launching & Going Evergreen

module twelve

module nine

There's an art to selling and it doesn't have to be sleazy, icky, or pushy. I'll be going over how to receive your first clients by incorporating sacred selling principles that doesn't rely on fear or scarcity tactics to close a discovery call.

We will be going over how overcoming objections can actually be healing for the prospect as it builds trust and honesty before a coaching container even begins. We will also understand the psychology of a prospect looking to invest and the things they look for to feel safe in making a decision to work in your sacred container. 




  • Client Onboarding & portal notion template

Authentic Selling & Client Experience

module eleven

module ten

module twelve

module nine

We cover all things design and tech-related, from client onboarding, email software management, branding, and design - these crucial parts of running a successful sacred business don't have to be overwhelming.

I will also go over simple but powerful branding principles you can use to amp up the visual appeal of your brand. From colors, typography to designing your website and Instagram posts, I give you easy-to-follow tutorials to get publish your beautiful website in a week.

  • Principles of Magnetic Branding

  • What needs to go on your website

  • Integrating your website & Biz with Powerful Tools

Creating a Stunning Website & Visual Brand

module eleven

module ten

module twelve

module nine

It's one thing to create a sacred business, it's another thing entirely to maintain the integrity, boundaries through the seasons of our life. In this module, discuss building healthy yin & yang energy in your business for balance, how to set boundaries as a healer, letting go of comparison when you hit plateaus in your biz.

We will also cover ways we can increase accountability and success rates for your clients in working with you as well as navigating the tricky waters of properly holding space for your client's trauma and wounds.

  • Tech, Tools & Additional resources to thrive in your biz

  • Balancing your Masculine & Feminine Energy in Business

  • Closing ceremony illuminations

Ying & Yang Energetics Closing Ceremony

module eleven

module ten

module twelve

module nine

Creating Momentum in Your Sacred Biz


phase three

the astrological photographer

"I basically signed up for a masterclass. And after I had gone through that, even before the call was over, I purchased Embody U because I was like, Yep! This is exactly what I need.

There was very much a very strong pull, just energetically and intuitively, that made me know that it was the right call for me. 

Embody U set off a sequence of events that needed to happen in order for me to get to the point of running my business making money, which is where I'm at now, which is super exciting.

If you're on the fence about joining Embody U, ask yourself: Are you looking for something that's an easy fix? Or are you looking for something that is going to catalyze like the most authentic personal transformation you could imagine? If you are on a journey of authentic self discovery, and personal transformation, then working with Michelle will be great for you because that is how she operates."

"It was the North Node and the Chiron modules, that helped me realize, oh, my gosh, I am totally hiding who I am like, I am totally not sharing my truest version of myself. And it just started a domino effect"

Embody U Experience

When You Join Embody U

laser clear on your offers

 You'll learn to refine your offerings to reflect your unique skills and passions, ensuring they not only meet your clients' needs but also bring you profound personal fulfillment. The result? Services that are not only lucrative but also deeply satisfying and impactful.


In a world where big names often dominate, Embody U teaches you to stand out with your authentic voice. Learn to navigate the business landscape with your unique approach, turning your perceived underdog status into your greatest strength. 

conscious ceo identity

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, unearthing the confidence and belief in your worth that's essential for business success. Evolve into the person who can naturally attract and sustain the success you desire.


Step into visibility with confidence. Release the "witch wound" - the fear of showing your true self. This program provides a space to support you in showing up unapologetically in your business, free from the fears that once held you back.

embodying your unique essence in your biz

A New Journey Awaits.

Work in harmony with the intelligence of the cosmos woven into the blueprint of your birth chart.

This journey is fueled by the spark of your purpose – a calling to harness your unique gifts and inspire hope in others.

You're not only cultivating financial prosperity; you're poised to make a meaningful difference in the world. Your mere presence is sacred, radiating immense power and potential. Embody U is designed to reconnect you with your innate power as a visionary leader.

You are confidently stepping into your purpose, integrating astrology and amplifying your soulpreneur work just as you were designed to do.

Allow yourself to create soulful messaging true to your special genius that bring devoted clients who are ready for deep personal transformation.

By embracing this powerful human & business exploration system, feel good marketing & soul aligned offers is here to be your daily reality, expanding your visibility & community.

Unlock the potential beyond what is visible in your current business reality.

intuitive medium & reiki master

"I decided to join Michelle's Embody U program because I have recently created my own business but I still felt like something was just missing. I knew that I had felt called to help others using my spiritual gifts. I had never ran my own business before and Michelle's course couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I really didn't know much about my own astrology before joining Embody U.

But it's not necessary to know because Michelle, she goes over everything in detail throughout the course modules. It's so amazing how each one of us can utilize all of these different points in our astrology to grow within our business.

From learning about how to heal my Chiron wound, to communicating with others, using my mercury, or even just learning how to attract my soul clients using my gifts, like, that's all even barely just touching the surface. Michelle gives so much valuable information packed all into just one program."

"I've been able to build my unique blueprint for an evergreen tarot course. I've also been able to scale my business so that I can finally rent my own private office, for those who want to work with me in person. And all of this definitely would not have been possible without learning everything in Michelle's course."

Embody U Experience

At the edge of every significant leap, our minds often whisper doubts – a natural guardian of our comfort zones. Yet, this decision is about more than simply joining a course; it's about stepping into your power and shattering the norms that hold you back in your life and business.

 By choosing to enroll, you're not just learning about your unique business birthright – you're claiming a life & business of authenticity and purpose through the ripples of your decision. Let your inner voice be your guide – it's time to share your unique essence with the world.

Are You Ready to Rise In Your Sacred Business?

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cosmic infused showit website template ($897 value)

lifetime access to your very own private course portal ($197)

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This program is truly what you make of it. Embody U™ is a comprehensive experience designed to give soulpreneurs wanting to grow their online business (aligned to the energetics of their birth chart) the necessary tools to do so.

In order to succeed, or achieve your goals you’re going to need to put in the work. Having an open-mind, grit and willingness will enhance results!

do you guarantee results?

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This is the Self-Paced version of my signature framework. You'll be receiving access to video training lessons and pdf exercises in your own private course portal. 

There will be an option to purchase a 60 minute 1:1 Birth Chart Business Alignment session at a special reduced cost with me as an add-on after enrolling in this self-paced course for $297.





You'll be receiving a confirmation welcome email with an orientation guide to get you started.

You'll receive access your own login course portal where you will receive instant access to the start guide and Module 1. 

A new module will be released once a week from the day you've enrolled.




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Students who enroll in Embody U Self Study will have the opportunity to be the first to apply for the next cohort to the Live Accelerator program the next time doors open. If you apply and get accepted, your investment in self study will count towards as credit for Live Accelerator.