The Keys to Your Sacred Work Is In Your Natal Birth Chart


Learn how to unlock your soul pathway, and unblock what's in the way of your prosperity in your business using the wisdom of your astrology natal birth chart.

Included in this training is a Cosmic Business Blueprint Workbook & Midheaven Color Palette Mood Board Guide to help you fully integrate clarity inside your own soul-aligned business.

Watch the training for $37

Create a Stunning Visual Brand Aesthetic Masterclass


Watch the training for $67

There's transformative potential in merging visual branding and astrology - a natural union that infuses the power of the stars into the visual language of your brand.

This class will guide you on expressing your individuality and elevating your visual aesthetics for your brand, using the cosmos as your guide.

Harness the Power of Your
Black Moon Lilith Course

Enter a 4 week self-paced shadow work course experience where you get the chance to explore the wisdom of Lilith, sacred rage & the spiritual womb across history, culture and astrology.  This activation experience is a perfect way to reclaim your power & self-sovereignty harnessing your dark divine feminine.

You will gain a deep understanding of Lilith as an iconic archetypal figure in history and learn how to leverage your raw power for growth and spiritual development.

Enter Lilith's Cave

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