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Be a Magnetic Individual By Embodying Your Own Inner Divinity

Fall Apart: The Process of Unraveling to Find Yourself



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This journal is dedicated to conscious creators and soulpreneurs who desire to create a sacred business in alignment to their energy. We talk about different exploration systems (astrology & human design) and how this can inform how energetic coherence to the marketing and offerings behind our business.



Discover your Sacred Business Archetype


“Faith.” That is the word of the season. Faith is a curious creature. The weight of this word feels monumental. It asks us to confront our most hidden fears. 

Why do we believe? Why do we place our hearts in the hands of the unseen, trusting in the intangible, holding a promise that holds no guarantees?

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How Lilith Changed the Trajectory of My Career From Corporate to Spirit-Led

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Ever had a girl crush? Or know someone in your life that always seems to attract high-value friendships, opportunities, and romantic relationships simply by doing nothing but be herself? Maybe it’s in the way she makes eye contact when she speaks, or the way she intentionally pauses before she breaks out into an irresistible smile that oozes feminine appeal. Or she is unapologetically herself, not shying away from expressing what she believes at the expense of fearing being rejected.

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Be a Magnetic Woman By Embodying Your Own Inner Divinity

Divine Femininity

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