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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm a psychological astrologer and intuitive business coach located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart. 


Discover How Astrology Branding Can Positively Change Your Brand Look

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Ever feel like your business brand is playing dress-up, wearing someone else’s clothes? Like the image you project doesn’t quite capture the vibrant soul behind the scenes?

You’re not alone. Many soulpreneurs pour their heart and soul into their businesses, meticulously crafting content and nurturing audiences, only to feel a disconnect. 

What if I told you that the doorway to crafting a magnetic visual brand that truly aligns with your unique essence is actually in your astrological birth chart? This approach, known as astrology branding, leverages the celestial blueprint of your business’s inception to create a brand identity that resonates on a soul level.

One of the Earliest Mistakes I Made in Branding

Michelle Saya

If you’re brand new to my work, I’m Michelle – a business astrologer and branding strategist, and I’ve spent the past five years decoding the cosmic language of several hundreds of birth charts, including my own. Through this journey, I’ve unearthed patterns and hidden insights that when fully embodied – can unlock the power of authentic, soul-aligned visual branding.

I used to design my visuals, choose my colors to invite other people to my astrology work at the level of what made me feel safe.

For example, I chose soft, safe beige colors. There was no contrast. I was afraid to stand out.

I designed my visual brand to my own personal preferences. 

And the truth is – oftentimes, what you prefer visually on a personal level may not actually be the aesthetic that your future clients resonate that will inspire them to engage with your offerings.

Branding (both messaging & visuals) is supposed to be created for your community & future clients in mind (not just you). 

The color palette I chose for myself didn’t align to the energetics of my own birth chart.

Below is my old branding, aligned to my Gemini rising. 

Once I decided to experiment with leaning into my own personal astrological placements like my Midheaven, Sun & Venus placements instead (to name a few) – things shifted immediately.

I started booking clients, revenue went up, my community platforms on social media grew massively, people DM’ed me sharing how much they loved my brand.

The difference was astounding. 

Here is the astrologically aligned branding that shifted everything in my business for me:

Cosmic Visual Brand Journey

I learned a very important lesson from this 3 year long experiment.

Online branding isn’t designed for me.

Your visual brand is here to attract the soulmate clients you’re committed to helping.

This wasn’t just about a personal overhaul; it was a business revolution. I ditched the borrowed image and embarked on crafting a brand that resonated with the core of my being. No more hiding, no more pretending. 

This was unapologetically me, the scared parts, the excited parts, the messy and the magical, all woven into a tapestry of visual storytelling.

Soulpreneurs around the world – drawn by the magnetism radiating from my brand, asked me how to implement this powerful experiment in their own existing sacred business.

The Astrology Branding Visual Toolbox

I’ll be sharing some of the key components in this blog post to get you started on visual branding with astrology, guiding you on your journey towards expressing your business in its most magnetic form – aligned to the strengths hidden in your astrological essence.

What I love about astrology branding is that it allows us to finally ditch the one-size-fits-all formula. Astrology branding can be a cosmic adventure, a treasure hunt through the constellations to unearth the visual language that speaks your soul’s truth.

Think of your visual brand as your digital altar, a space where your essence radiates with supernova intensity. Imagine clients drawn to your light, not because of some fabricated persona, but because they recognize a kindred spirit, a fellow traveler on the path of authenticity through astrology branding.

Here are some key placements to get started with astrology branding:

Midheaven – Power Colors & Career Aspiration Alignment

The Midheaven (MC) in your astrological birth chart stands tall as a beacon of ambition, public image, and career aspirations. It embodies the highest point in your natal chart, making it a potent symbol of the peak you can climb in the external world.

Think of it as your professional compass, pointing North towards the direction you’re destined to pursue in terms of career and social standing.

The best may is to imagine your Midheaven placement as the power suit of your brand. 

It whispers the colors that resonate with your professional goals, the ones that make you command the room and inspire instant trust. 

In addition to using your Midheaven’s color palette as a strong basis for building your visual brand; I look at my client’s Midheaven to also help them build out a sustainable business strategy that aligns with their goals & help them climb their own professional Everest.

Moon to Build Visual Brand Intimacy

The moon in your birth chart governs your emotional core, the way you experience and express your most intimate desires, fears, and vulnerabilities. It’s the soft moonlight illuminating your deepest needs for security, comfort, and connection.

Your Moon sign plays a crucial role in how you process and express emotions. A Moon in Pisces might be deeply sensitive and intuitive, while a Moon in Aries might be more expressive and direct.

Your Moon sign holds the key to unlocking emotional connection in your brand. Consider:

  • Facial expressions and body language: Capture the essence of your Moon sign in your photography. For example, a Moon in Scorpio might evoke depth and intensity, while a Moon in Gemini might convey playfulness and humor.
  • Graphic elements and website design: Incorporate visual cues that resonate with your Moon sign. Think dark and moody for Moon in Scorpio or light and airy for Moon in Gemini.

Building comfort and trust: When your brand reflects your authentic Moon energy, it creates a safe space for your audience to connect with you.

Venus: Your Style Brand Attractor

Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction, influences how you express affection, what you find attractive in others, and your approach to romantic relationships. Also known to govern harmony, Venus can indicate how you seek balance, peace, and cooperation in your interactions. It’s also linked to your values, especially in terms of what you appreciate and find joy in.

Also suggest your tastes and preferences in art, fashion, and decoration, Venus also holds the key to your visual brand’s clothing language – perfect for brand photoshoot direction. It’s fantastic for:

  • Brand Photography: Choose outfits and styles that embody your Venus sign. For example, Venus in Aquarius might embrace unconventional accessories and futuristic pieces, while Venus in Libra might gravitate towards flowy dresses and romantic accents.
  • Visual Harmony: Discover clothes that evoke the qualities you want to project, like confidence, professionalism, or creativity. By wearing these qualities, you’ll embody them with even greater ease.

Your brand photographer can capture the playful, sun-drenched energy if you’re a Libra Venus through flowing, harmonious silhouettes.

Or if you’re a Capricorn Venus – the timeless elegance rocking a tailored power suit with effortless confidence.

When you weave the power of these 3 key astrological placements of Midheaven, Moon and Venus into your brand, you create a story that goes beyond the surface. You tap into the emotional depths of your audience, drawing them in with your authentic vulnerability and undeniable magnetism. 

Want to Dive Deeper with Astrology Branding?

Are you ready to transform your online brand into a reflection of your truest self? I created an exclusive powerful astrology visual branding masterclass, designed for soulpreneurs like you who seek to infuse their personal astrology into every aspect of their brand. For just $67, embark on a journey that transcends conventional branding, aligning your visual identity with the cosmic energies of your astrological placements.

Astrology branding artwork
  • Your Brand, Your Soul’s Mirror: If your current online branding feels out of sync with your authentic self, or if you find yourself constantly changing your message and visuals, this masterclass is your gateway to consistency and authenticity.
  • From Wallflower to Cosmic Fingerprint: Elevate your brand from being a background entity to a unique, vibrant expression of your soul’s work. Learn to communicate your unique energy and transformative journey in a way that resonates deeply.
  • Attract Your Aligned Audience: Overcome the challenge of attracting clients who resonate with your vision and values through authentic visual branding creation. Discover how to align your colors & visuals with your unique energy and attract your ideal clients.

Inside the Workbook (85+ pages of astrological branding insights):

  • Visual Brand Blueprint for Client Attraction: Leverage your natal chart as a tool to understand what your soul clients seek in you on a visual level. Dive deep into the specifics of how your astrological placements can create a visual lighthouse for soul-led future clients that see the value & impact you have to offer to the world.
  • Craft Your Unique Brand Visual Archetype: Gain insights on developing a visual brand archetype that mirrors your astrological influences. Elevate your online presence with visuals that truly represent you.
  • Venus Influence on Personal Style: Explore how expressing your Venus sign can boost your confidence, magnetize your target audience, and enhance collaboration opportunities in your business.
  • Brand Visuals Best Practices: Revitalize the visuals of your social media and website with strategies inspired by your astrological placements.
  • Visual Branding Shadow Work: Do you want to have a brand makeover but you’re scared to take the leap? I go over how to catch your existing branding blind spots that are actually creating stagnancy in your business through the support of your Chiron & South Node.

Beyond Aesthetics: A Deep Dive into Astrology Branding

This masterclass isn’t just about surface-level aesthetics. It’s a comprehensive approach to understanding and integrating your soul’s work into your visual branding through the power of astrology. You’ll learn to balance clarity in your mission with the development of a visually compelling brand that speaks volumes.

Astrology branding goes further than just choosing the right colors or fonts; it’s about embedding the unique energies and characteristics of your astrological sign into every aspect of your brand. This approach ensures that your branding resonates on a cosmic level, aligning with your business’s true essence and attracting your ideal clients as if by magic.

Your Cosmic Magnetic Brand Awaits

I invite you to redefine magnetic branding and self-expression in your business. This isn’t just a class; it’s an awakening to the power of authenticity in visual branding. 

The outcome? A brand that’s uniquely yours, resonating with your audience on a much deeper level.

Embrace the Stars in Your Branding – Enroll Now for $67

By embracing astrology branding, you’re not just adopting another marketing strategy; you’re embarking on a journey to uncover the cosmic DNA of your brand. It’s about more than just visuals; it’s about aligning every aspect of your brand with the celestial forces that underpin your very existence.

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I'm Michelle Saya!


   I'm a scorpio moon-INFJ biz owner, mindset coach based in New York and love leaning into all things sacred. I help empaths transform their pain into purpose using the wisdom of the birth chart and tarot archetype embodiment.


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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm an evolutionary business astrologer and intuitive business strategist currently located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart.