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This journal is dedicated to conscious creators and soulpreneurs who desire to create a sacred business in alignment to their energy. We talk about different exploration systems (astrology & human design) and how this can inform how energetic coherence to the marketing and offerings behind our business.

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I think back to some of the most trying periods of my life and realize: In the midst of feeling like I’ve lost everything, I feel the closest to myself, to divinity — to god. From death deciding to claim a friend when her life had just barely started to being cheated on by the person you thought you could trust — your mind goes numb with shock, then the rest of your body follows. It’s as if muscle memory regresses, and your knees forget to unbuckle itself — letting you crash to the floor; Your mind and body choose to not register the agony your heart is experiencing.

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Fall Apart: The Process of Unraveling to Find Yourself


Empath, Personal Stories, Self-Love, Self-Reflection