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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm a psychological astrologer and intuitive business coach located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart. 


Part of Self-Care is Trusting Your Intuition

Have you ever had to make a decision between two things, maybe something as simple as the red dress or the blue dress? You can’t decide and so ask a friend to choose. When they answer, ‘the blue one’, you realize you wanted to wear the blue one all along. You simply needed to get out of your heard for a moment, stop the analytical thinking (“the red one fits me better, but the blue one matches my eyes”) so that you could listen to your gut.

           Our digestive tracts contain an extensive neural network of 100 million neurons. This offers us access to loads of information…if we know how to listen. Most of us have not been taught how to tap our intuitive knowledge, also known as our gut instinct, but would be quite better off if we knew how to trust the information. Listening to our gut allows us to make better decisions and to have more confidence in those decisions. The key is to learn how to be better listeners.

           Thankfully, listening to our intuition is a skill that can be improved upon. Even better, it is a skill strengthened with the help of a self-care routine, activities that are beneficial not only to our bodies and our well-being but practices that also help us listen to and understand our bodies.

           Take a moment to check-in with yourself to determine what you need. Make a note of any bodily sensations that need to be addressed, any circular thoughts that keep pushing their way forward in your mind, any emotions surging to the surface for recognition. Where are these aches and pains, these agitations, or these fears coming from? Ask yourself and listen to the first response. Even if it is an uncomfortable one. Take a moment to digest what answer you heard, and see where it takes you.

           Honor the emotions that come up during the day. A common phrase said amongst women in a variety of experiences is ‘I cry at commercials’. But why? Why are your sensitivities so close to the surface? What is your body urging you to explore?

           Intuition often expresses itself physically. It is the feeling of anxiety before an event that should bring us pleasure, the butterflies in our belly of meeting someone we are drawn to, or the inability to relax and be comfortable around someone else with no indication of why. Our bodies are providing us with valuable information. We would do well to take advantage of this and learn to listen and trust the messages we receive. Learn how to more deeply tune in to your body so you may harness this information and make better decisions. Take care of your body. Exercise, rest, put healthy, clean food into your gut, so you are not bogged down with toxins or discomfort.

           Create daily rituals, whether it be a bath, journaling, unhurried walks, and meditation – moments when you can be still and quiet and reflect on what comes up. Times when you can remove yourself from clutter and noise and chaos, all things that prevent us from being able to hear what it is our bodies are telling us. Journaling is great for this because you can see your thoughts on the page and return to them, work them out word by word.

           We all have intuition. We all have bodies that will provide us with the information we need if we can just take the time, learn the skills to be better listeners to our bodies. With a solid routine of self-care rituals, we can hone our intuitive abilities and how well we receive messages from our second brain, the gut. And if we can tap into that information, we can make some surprising discoveries about ourselves and what choices benefit us the most.



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I'm Michelle Saya!


   I'm a scorpio moon-INFJ biz owner, mindset coach based in New York and love leaning into all things sacred. I help empaths transform their pain into purpose using the wisdom of the birth chart and tarot archetype embodiment.


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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm an evolutionary business astrologer and intuitive business strategist currently located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart.