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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm a psychological astrologer and intuitive business coach located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart. 


Five Ways to Avoid Emotional Burnout

           Have you been feeling exhausted and irritable, contending with scattered thoughts, trouble sleeping, and a lack of motivation? These are signs of emotional exhaustion, the precursor to emotional burnout. Emotional burnout is caused by extreme levels of stress, whether at work or in your personal life. It can lead to anxiety, depression, feelings of fatigue, discouragement, and hopelessness, an inability to concentrate, relationship stress, and self-imposed isolation. 

           Emotional burnout can disturb our physical and mental health and negatively affect those around us. Here are some tips to help you combat growing feelings of emotional exhaustion. 

1. Set clear boundaries 

            Say no to the extra tasks at work if your load is full. Say no to your friend who is always taking but never giving. Stay clear of people who drain you emotionally with negativity and drama. Take some time to really look at the things that make you feel good and the things that don’t. What are the ways you can bring in more positive feelings and activities into your life while protecting yourself from negative ones?

2. Eliminate the stress when possible

           Sometimes the extreme stress is a sign that we are in a situation that is not healthy for us. If it is a job that is the leading cause of your stress, can you quit? Is there a different position you can take or another department to transfer to? If you cannot leave your job, then perhaps this is a time to start setting new career goals. Look into the training or education required for a career change. Focusing your sites on new job goals could be the step you need to start shifting your perspective. 

           Is the stress coming from a relationship? Is it time to consider leaving, or testing a separation? There are a variety of therapists for relationship counseling, some more affordable than others. In this age of the internet, you can also find help online. There are youtube channels and podcasts devoted to helping couples work through their struggles, and these are free. 

3. Stock up on coping skills

           There are many number of resources out there that offer suggestions on how to cope with stress. Even if you think you have some effective go-to solutions, take the time to research more. If you are reading this article, chances are you are feeling at least the beginnings of emotional exhaustion. Do yourself a favor and gather your arsenal. Meditation apps, breathing techniques, regular routines for relaxing, these will come in handy when the stress feels too much. And don’t just read about them. Promise yourself that you will try one of these each day, even if you do not think you are feeling stressed. It is easier to limit the build-up of pressure than it is to relax once the stress has taken hold. 

4. Healthy Habits

           Learn to take breaks for yourself, even if you don’t think you have the time. Spare yourself at least 20 minutes a day for a walk, some yoga moves, or good fiction novel. Journaling is an excellent practice to help clear your mind and get to the root of what is troubling you. Once you see the issues more clearly, you are better equipped to find ways to handle the stress of them. Sleep, nature’s best medicine, is a way for your body to cope and heal from aggravations. Focus on getting better quality sleep into your life. 

5. Ask for Help

           So many of us have trouble asking for help. We often take on too much because we don’t want others to see us as a burden, or for it to appear that we are struggling or failing. But the reality is, if we don’t find ways to allow others to help us, the tasks pile up. And once the pile is high, we have an even harder time getting through it. If asking for help sounds impossible to you, try one small favor from a friend. Something simple that you know will not be hard for them to do for you. Once you learn to ask for help and feel the benefits of the effect, it will be easier to ask for help again. Return the favors in ways that you know you can handle. Making arrangements beneficial for everyone involved will make it easier to ask for help, it will nurture positive relationships and affect your overall stress level.



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I'm Michelle Saya!


   I'm a scorpio moon-INFJ biz owner, mindset coach based in New York and love leaning into all things sacred. I help empaths transform their pain into purpose using the wisdom of the birth chart and tarot archetype embodiment.


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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm an evolutionary business astrologer and intuitive business strategist currently located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart.