Discover how you can use astrology to create a stunning visual brand that expresses your individuality bring your soul clients & community to your digital doorstep.

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90 min masterclass

Are you in the journey of your sacred biz where you're feeling:

creative chaos 

You're current online brand (both visuals & messaging) doesn't reflect your authentic self. You change your message & visuals way too much than you'd like to admit.

invisible online

Your brand's DNA feels more like a quiet wallflower, rather than a unique cosmic fingerprint that aligns with your soul's work. It's hard to communicate your unique energy and the transformative journey you offer.

visitors are confused

Because your current brand doesn't resonate with your unique energy, you're struggling with attracting clients that are aligned with your vision and values.

If you're nodding along to these, let your stars guide you to a brand that's as unique as you.

Dive into the stars and surface with a brand that's authentically and unforgettably you. This class will guide you on expressing your individuality and elevating your brand, using the cosmos as your guide.

Discover how you can create your very own brand archetype for visual inspiration to elevate your existing online presence

Expressing your Venus sign can inform your personal style to increase your confidence, magnetize your soul clients & enhance collaborative opportunities in your biz

Learn how your natal chart is a powerful tool in knowing what your soul client is looking for when deciding to work with you.

There's transformative magnetism in merging visual branding and astrology - a natural union that infuses the power of the stars into the visual language of your brand.

By merging these two potent forces, creative and heart-led soulpreneurs can unlock deeper levels of resonance and self-expression that we will explore inside this value packed digital class.

We will also explore other key components in your natal chart to truly stand out and resonate in the crowded digital universe that integrates a deeper level of authenticity and alignment beyond visual aesthetics.

Branding Like It's Written in the Stars

Merging branding & astrology

90 min masterclass

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In an era characterized by the rapid advancement of AI and dawning of the Aquarian age, it's natural for people to feel apprehensive about the future of work, their sense of fulfillment, and how these changes will impact their lives.

Explore the influence of key transits like Saturn in Pisces, Lunar Nodes in Aries/Libra, Pluto in Aquarius & Capricorn, which will inform the direction we're headed as creative soulpreneurs in the future to come. 

Learn valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we will chart a course to thrive as both a human being and a creative biz owner, and using the celestial insights to guide us towards a supportive future.

Saturn in pisces & transits

when spirit, tech & work collide

Energetic Exchange: $67

what's inside the class:

unlock your cosmic brand

be inspired by your brand

Feeling meh about the visuals of your Instagram feed & website? Discover how you can create your very own brand archetype for visual inspiration to elevate your existing online presence.

your venus cosmic style

Unearth how the planet of beauty can inform your personal style, attract aligned clients, &  spark inspiration for photo shoots that are truly out of this world and in alignment with your brand.

Beyond aesthetics

Before you create your visual brand, do you have a clear foundation of the type of work you’re meant to do in the world?  Decode the mystery of balancing clarity in your soul's work and developing your visual brand.

sneaky branding mistakes

energetic exchange: $67

Learn why branding with your rising sign may not be the most potent approach to expressing your soul's work. I'll also share common branding mistakes I see in the online space that dims the potency of their message.

This is not just another branding or astrology class. It's a celestial journey that redefines branding and self-expression in your biz. It's about embracing who you are at your core and allowing that authenticity to permeate your online presence. The result?

A brand that is uniquely yours and resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

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The Enchant Your Brand™ Workbook 
(85+ pages) will be included to integrate your inspirations into action.

This is a super in depth astro branding workbook valued at $67 alone

Your Biz Astrologer Guide

hi therE,
I'm MichelLe

I’m Michelle, a biz astrologer, strategist & brand oracle for soulpreneurs feeling their soul's nudge to finally take the leap to share their gifts with the world
 My big three is Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon & Gemini Rising and I'm a 3/5 Manifesting Generator.

Harness the cosmic forces to craft a brand that is uniquely yours.

The world doesn't need another clone.

 Cookie-cutter brands mimicking one another merely add to the noise. What your community & future clients yearn for is authenticity - a soul-aligned brand that goes beyond surface aesthetics to honor the essence of who you are. When your brand aligns with your unique celestial blueprint, it becomes an authentic reflection of you. It radiates your values, your story, your energy.

Let your stars guide you to a brand that’s as unique as you.

Do I need to be astrology fluent?

This class is suitable for all levels of astrology understanding. This digital training is a catalyst introduction to get started on how you can refine your business decisions, your visual branding to help you in sharing your work.


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will a chart reading be included?

No. Please note that while the class will not include personalized birth chart readings, it will equip you with the knowledge and tools to get started on refining your branding by introducing astrology archetypes into your process.


Due to the nature of this masterclass replay training, there will be no refunds permitted.