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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm a psychological astrologer and intuitive business coach located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart. 


How to Use Your Emotional Sensitivity as a Superpower

As a fellow empath, I’ve been guilty of blindly diving into the deep depths of giving my unconditional attention to others without being cognizant that my emotional bucket is finite.

Being an emotional anchor for others is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. I believe the world would be a much kinder place if we all embrace our inner sensitivity and harness this skill to help others navigate through the ebbs and flows of life.

However, we must prioritize the process of recharging ourselves, being grounded as much as showing up for others.

Before we show up for others as a source of comfort, we must assess if our own emotional well is strong and grounded before serving others.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs below, it’s time to nourish your own emotional well and take a backseat on absorbing other people’s energies:

  • You’re being affected by other people’s opinions more so lately than usual.
  • You notice yourself experiencing sudden depression, anxiety, and it’s taking a longer time than usual to bounce back to your normal self.
  • You’re noticing yourself being irritated, self-critical or critical of others. The judgment/ego in you is showing up more often than usual.

Empathy burnout is a real thing. When we’re surrounded by people that don’t reciprocate the consideration of giving back to others or aren’t in the right place of giving because they need extra support, we have to take responsibility for our own wellbeing by putting practices into place as an empowered empath.

Here are ways to eliminate empathy burnout:

Only Give/Serve When You Feel Deserving of Receiving

Are you giving to seek validation from others because you’re in a state of lack? This is a common way to experience burnout or resentment because more often than not, we trap ourselves in a place of expectation which is not an authentic way of serving others as an empath.

Only be in a place of solace for others if you’re in the mindset of feeling good about yourself.

When you try to solve other people’s problems as a way of avoiding working through your own issues, you become codependent to seeking people’s validation of how helpful you are. This is a recipe for inauthentic relationships.

Schedule Alone Time on the Calendar and Stick to It

Treat scheduling alone time on your calendar as if you’re going to a doctor’s appointment.

Taking time to hear your own thoughts and be in solitude should be taken more seriously. This allows you to practice your ability to self-soothe.

Prioritize Finding Other Empaths To Replenish Your Energy

As much as it’s important to schedule alone time, make sure that when you do expend energy socializing — to spend as much time possible with people who are like you.

Empaths naturally attract takers. Make a conscious effort to attract other givers. Learn to be okay with asking for help and balance your natural inclination to give with receiving as well.

Not only will you feel replenished, giving feels more impactful as empaths who receive help from other empaths appreciate your time just as you would appreciate help in return.

Be Lovingly Transparent About Where You Stand With Someone You Disagree With

It’s easy to mirror another person’s feelings to make them feel heard and truly seen. Use emotional mirroring responsibly without compromising on your own beliefs.

If the person you’re consoling is taking a stance that you disagree with, you can acknowledge their point of view while still honoring that you disagree with how they feel. Don’t sacrifice your own integrity at the expense of someone else’s feelings, no matter how tempting it is to give in.

As empaths, sometimes we fall into the trap of being the social chameleon; We intuit and respond to how we think the other person wants to hear.

This not only dishonors your authenticity but enables the person to continue their self-sabotaging behavior/limiting belief.

Set a loving intention before entering a conversation that requires empathy giving. By stepping into a space of helping others while acknowledging that you will be expending energy and you’re 100% okay with serving the person that will receive your empathy, you take accountability of who you serve — lessening resentment and burnout in the long run.

Happy empathizing!



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I'm Michelle Saya!


   I'm a scorpio moon-INFJ biz owner, mindset coach based in New York and love leaning into all things sacred. I help empaths transform their pain into purpose using the wisdom of the birth chart and tarot archetype embodiment.


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I'm Michelle Saya!


I'm an evolutionary business astrologer and intuitive business strategist currently located in California. I help conscious creatives and practitioners step into soul fulfilling work using the wisdom of their birth chart.