Learn how to harness your soul pathway, and unblock what's in the way of your prosperity in your business as a spirit-led online brand, conscious coach, healer, a creative trailblazer using the wisdom of your astrology natal birth chart.

You will receive a Cosmic Business Blueprint Workbook to help you fully integrate clarity inside your own soul-aligned business to alongside the workshop training.


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You are here to craft a sacred business that rings true to your authentic constitution.

Are you comparing yourself to...

Not what the world, what the “conditioned” self told you who you “should” be.


commanding ABUNDANCE, launching aligned offerings & attracting DREAMY CLIENTS SO EFFORTLESSLY?


How your nodes  are a powerful manifestation tool to supercharge your biz  &  attract clients. uncover why your nodes can inform how you deepen your work and service in the world.

harness Your MC & mercury placement in your natal chart. Amplify your visibility  in your brand & content messaging strategy & become a david amongst goliaths in the online space of creators.

How to remove energetic interference and blocks with your Chiron wound to create more manifesting power in how you receive & hit desired goals in your business.

What you'll also be learning:

Uncover the energetics of why your astrological wounds may in the way of you creating & prospering in your business.

Two businesses can have the exact same business model, but the results can turn out completely different. Create more alignment in your message what you're offering to your clients by using your own unique birth chart.

Unlock the astrological components in your birth chart as your key to step more confidently as an embodied leader in your sacred work that honors your energy and soul gifts.

Be an energetic match for your magnetic offers. Craft powerful storytelling content marketing systems designed to sell your offerings with ease while you call in your soul-aligned clients.

Unlock the Energetics of Your Unique Messaging, Offerings & Marketing Strategy

Master the energetics of your own natal birth chart & achieve more clarity on the direction of your life's work.

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I'm an intuitive biz guide & astrologer helping mystics in business unlock their client attraction messaging & sales funnel blueprint using the energetics of their natal birth chart.

I'm here to guide you on serving more people in the world with your gifts. This training is perfect for:

Hi, I'm Michelle Saya!

Heart Centered Healers, Facilitators, Coaches

Conscious CEOs, Online Brands

Spiritual Service-Based Entrepreneurs

"I hit my first 10k month this month, and a lot of it no doubt has been because I put myself out there based on healing my chiron"

"I started to attract an audience on both social media platforms of people that have similar Chiron wounds as I do.

And when I taught them how to heal their own, they took that and that was how I realized how I could be of service to people was using my own story, my own vulnerabilities and opening up and healing myself and in return helping others heal as well.

I was actually able to integrate my branding structure and my offers based on my North Node and South Node and the work that I've done then I can teach others.

So all I can say is I highly highly, highly recommend Michelle and her Embody U framework. It has changed the trajectory of my entire career."

Azia hit her $10K month in August and grew her Tik Tok to over 17K followers with the cosmic signature biz framework.

The principles I teach inside this workshop has been the guiding force in how I gain visibility in my business and call in multiple 6 figures by honoring the rhythms of my own natal chart.

Now's your chance to learn how you can do this for yourself.

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