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This journal is dedicated to conscious creators and soulpreneurs who desire to create a sacred business in alignment to their energy. We talk about different exploration systems (astrology & human design) and how this can inform how energetic coherence to the marketing and offerings behind our business.

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Getting attached to a set of belief systems keeps you locked in that reality and all of your thoughts, emotions and actions are going to be equal to that inner reality. So being as if is about identifying. The current identity you have is something that you’ve built based on your identification over what we call the past. If you have decided in your past, “This is who I am. This is the kind of person I am. This is the kind of way I show up in the world,” you have the ability to rewrite the narrative and shift the story to match what ultimate lifestyle you would like to achieve. There is the major difference between being as if and faking it till you make it. It’s with the realization that that’s not who you are.

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