Your Sacred Business is
Written in the Stars.

Embody U™ Self-Paced Course

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Each week, a new module will be released inside of your private course portal giving you all the tools to thrive inside of your sacred business.

The Embody U™ Sacred Business Program is 12-Module self-paced program made for practitioners, soulpreneurs & mystics who want to create a sacred business that truly honors the energy of how you create & share your work. You'll unlock the keys of what makes you stand out using a unique blend of high-level business strategy and my proven astrology framework to help you master the energetics of becoming a magnet in your sacred work online.

Build a clear business foundation that honors your soul.

Cut through the noise on all your ideas & create a prosperous business blueprint that actually moves the needle in business. 

Confidently charge & learn how to enjoy selling, navigating objections.

Learn to let go of old stories and old identities that are blocking you from creating your work.

Self-Paced Business Program Made for Trailblazing Healers, Practitioners, and Soul-Led Coaches

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Who this is for:

You're looking to invest in a high quality educational experience that provides you all the tools to hit your five figure months

You're a self-starter with a willingness to move past your comfort zone because you're ready to grow and transform your life

You're willing to come in with a beginner's mindset and love solving problems in your business from a place of curiosity vs. from a place of frustration.

who this isn't for:

You don't see astrology as a helpful tool and confront the spiritual aspects of growing a business with a lot of skepticism.

You're looking for a low-investment educational program that allows you to dabble because you're not ready to commit 100% effort.

You consider yourself to be an expert, pro at building an established online business and don't have the desire or willingness to change/improve your current business model & approach.

"I only have awesome things to say about the EMBODY U™ program.

Initially I thought it was quite a large investment but after joining and starting the course, it didn't take long for me to realize that every cent I paid for was extremely value for money!

I have utmost respect for the amount of effort, time, sacred energy, wisdom, years of knowledge and experience Michelle has put in into the course portal.

It is mindblowing! On top of that Michelle is a wonderful, nurturing and supportive astrologer, biz mentor, personal coach ALL IN ONE."

Janel Q., Energy & Empath Coach of  Soul Earth Rising


what was your experience joining the program?

Janel hit 5-figures in 6 weeks by launching her website honoring the energetics of her birth chart.

Or did somewhere along the way in your life and business journey, you've been bogged down by so many different voices, opinions and strategies that made you lose sight of tuning into your own energetic rhythm?

Underneath all the conditioning, distractions, and comparison game is the voice of the sacred CEO within you saying:

This fully comprehensive program is the first of it’s kind that powerfully infuses both the principles of business astrology, wealth energetics and practical business strategy to help you share your work in the world in your own unique way.

This program will energetically support you in shedding old narratives keeping you stuck in moving forward in your business, unlock your purpose into crafting powerful offerings. Take full control of your schedule, your income and your future. Tap into your superpower that inspires people to want to work with your magic.

What makes Embody U™ One of a Kind?

Are you Allowing Your
Soul Gifts Guide the Strategy of Your Work?

Imagine dictating your own work schedule. Honoring days when your body is asking for rest while still seeing revenue trickle in because your systems support you.

You're free from feast and famine. You have the spaciousness of creativity, bolding acting on your wildly visionary ideas. Because you're self-led. 

You're acting in accordance to your self-sovereignty. To your energetics.

This program is here to guide you back to the birthright of your worthiness, providing you the emotional & energetic support to help you move past your fears & mindset blocks of thriving as a heart-centered entrepreneur.


is written in the stars.

"You are destined to make an impact in the world through the vessel of your sacred business.
It's time to put an end to the existentialism of your biz and share your light."

Before joining embody u, what were you struggling with?

Before joining Embody U™, I was struggling with figuring out how I wanted to run my business.

I saw my empathy and sensitivity as both a strength and a weakness, and I couldn’t get past the “weakness” part of it.

I had trouble trusting my intuition and believing in my ability to help people because “I could always do more/better”.

Ultimately, my self-doubt was actually getting in the way of me helping people and building the business and community I wanted to build.

Since joining, what were some of your shifts, wins and breakthroughs?

Since joining, I have seen a massive shift in my energy not only in my business, but in my personal life as well. Michelle has taught me techniques and gave me tools that, even months after the program has ended, I still use on an almost daily basis. Since then, I have worked with three beta clients, one of whom insisted on continuing to work with me, and I have a few clients on my waiting list wanting to work with me soon.

Another huge breakthrough for me from Embody U™ was my ability to honor my own pace. Before, I wanted everything to get done yesterday, whether or not it made sense or was actually in the best interest of me and my business.

Now, I’m joyously honoring my own pace and trusting that slow and steady is what works for me, all while actually building solid foundations for my business and already working with clients. 

'Ascension' ⁠ Digital, 2020 by Peri

Who is this program perfect for? What type of individual would most benefit from joining?

The program is perfect for any coach or entrepreneur that operates primarily from a place of empathy or sensitivity.

 It can be really hard to start your dream business or help other people when you haven’t helped yourself yet.

Michelle helps you understand yourself at a deeper level and relates it to you as an entrepreneur, so you can then apply yourself to your business in a constructive and healthy manner that lasts forever.

'Ascension' ⁠ Digital, 2020 by Peri

What lessons were game-changing for you?

The two game changer lessons for me were unlocking your Cosmic Archetype Guide & navigating sales.

I still tap into my archetypes to this day both professionally and socially. And b) selling like an empath.

The way I hop on sales calls now is totally different. I feel more comfortable with the new way I sell, and it attracts the right people for me who will success with my help and who will respect me.

Inner World 1”, digital from Peri's Instagram

what kind of coach is Michelle?

Michelle is, well, an empathetic coach! You can see it in the way she deals with every one of her students/clients.

Not only is she very knowledgeable and experienced in spiritual business coaching, but she is always there to answer your questions and give me solid advice.

She helped me through a few major decisions regarding my business, and because of her taking the time during office hours to discuss my options, I ended up making the right decisions for my business.

Michelle is a very caring coach that has a wealth of knowledge that she’s very generous in sharing with her clients/students.

Behind the Scenes from Peri's Instagram

What would you say to someone who is hesitating on joining the embody u?

Embody U™ is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself and my business.

I truly changed as a person after this three-month container. Sessions with Michelle were not only constructive and meant to build my business, but they were also quite cathartic and therapeutic.

Even though the program is meant to help me build my business, I saw the sessions as self-love me time.

Embody u is a holistic business coaching program that allows you to function from a place of healing and understanding and has already gotten me a lot of work.

‘Inner World 2’ Digital, 2020 by Peri

Interview with Embody U™  Student,
Peri E., Creativity Coach & Artist



Student Experience

step into your life’s work.

Step into the identity, brand and business model that supports your personal integrity, self-worth and big vision in mind.

Maybe you're looking to uncover the energetics of why your astrological wounds is in the way of you creating & prospering in your business.

Or you desire to create more alignment in your message and offerings & clients by using your birth chart.

And you want to know how channeling your astro archetypes can help you navigate your witch wound so you can (finally) stand out magnetically in your business.

The Keys to Your Sacred Work Is In Your Natal Birth Chart.

Astrology when used responsibly - is a powerful human exploration story-telling tool, lovingly holding out a mirror to help you gain deeper awareness of universal human themes that have subconsciously played out in your own life thus far.

Ask yourself: What kind of main character energy are you playing right now?

Leverage these tools in powerfully choosing how you want to progress the rest of your story - that benefits your lifestyle and how you show up to your online sacred business.

Unlock your astrological strategy blueprint in your sacred business to invite others to work with you with ease.

I finally took action. I left my old life behind, my relationship, my material belongings, and I set sail for Bali. There, I followed my true calling as an intuitive guide, and I discovered astrology where this exploration system became my north star during my dark night of the soul.

I went on for the next 5 years, being an avid learner of Hellenistic, Shamanic and Evolutionary astrology, falling in love with the works of Steven Forrest, Acyuta-Bhava Dasa & Jan Spiller. Mastering the energetics of my natal chart with my corporate background in marketing/business has lead to multiple five-figure months in my business as well as the sacred brands of my clients.

Today, I'm a practicing psychological astrologer and intuitive business coach for aspiring & existing soulpreneurs feeling their soul's nudge to finally take the leap to share their gifts with the world.

I FINALLY flipped a switch. 

After denying my gifts for so long...

I'm an intuitive biz guide & astrologer helping mystics in business unlock their client attraction messaging & sales funnel blueprint using the energetics of their natal birth chart.

Choosing the pathway of being an astrologer & share this spiritual work has been filled with both heartbreak and joy. I’ve always been fascinated with the mysteries of the universe. Of language. Myth. Meaning.

My place in the world as a child has been predetermined by my family’s values. Conditioned in generational trauma and stuck in a survival-mindset,  I emerged from being in the spiritual closet when I begin to witness the fragile illusionment of my life shatter all around me.

In just one year, I experienced a shooting at my workplace, lost two friends suddenly who passed away due to unnatural circumstances, and fell into a deep depression from the grief and trauma.

Moving past the shock, I knew I realized life was too finite to not live in my truth. 

Hi there, I'm Michelle

Strength in the Dark Night of the Soul

Irina tapped into her own pleasurable expression, receiving 1:1 intensive clients and launching her live workshop

Interview with Embody U™ Student, Irina B.

“I want to achieve that, but I don’t have what it takes. What makes me so special?”

You look at other spiritual coaches and holistic healers commanding dreamy clients and building their powerful communities online and you wonder what magic sauce they're infusing that's magnetizing all the abundance their way.

The more you overanalyze and pick apart other people's brands, strategies and read their why’s, the more confused you get on your own purpose, let alone how to show up, what to offer, and who to even begin helping.

What makes night within us may leave stars.

- Victor Hugo

My astrological profile:

New Moon Baby

Mercury Rx Rulership in Scorpio

Scorpio stellium in the 6th house 

I'm a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising! In Human Design I'm a 3/5 Manifesting Generator. I use astrology as a tool to help clients explore their beliefs stemming from childhood and how that may reflect into the subconscious choices/actions that's currently present for them in their life and business. 

I use Western astrology with an integrative blend of Human Design + Gene Keys to understand the psychological drivers of my clients and how they can heal their narrative of their business through the reflective practices of transpersonal storytelling & authentic marketing.

“What sets me apart from other spiritual coaches and healers?”

“Would anyone even buy my high ticket coaching offer?”

“In order for me to be successful, do I have to burn myself out? I want to actually enjoy my life and business!”

“What if I do land a client but can't replicate the results? What if I just got lucky in my business?”

When we aren't clear with our soul's pathway...

We pick ourselves apart, asking questions:

If we get honest with ourselves for a moment...

we realize we don’t have business problems, we have life and internal misalignment problems that reflects back to us in our business.

In the course framework, learn how to:

Why does it feel so difficult to tap into our highest selves and just do the damn thing?

Chiron - The Wounded Healer

We use our unique Chiron placement to illuminate our deep, unresolved wounds and begins our journey towards healing and deeper self-discovery.


The Nodes - Your North Star GPS

Whether or not we consciously work on these lessons, events in our lives are likely to force us to confront them. Uncover the map of your life's lessons and soul pathway with the Nodes.

Magnetic Marketing with mercury

Use your Mercury placement to potently express your knowledge and insights with your audience in your messaging & content strategy.

aligned visual brand with midheaven

Midheaven rules imagery & informs the branding of your business to attract the soulmate clients you are soulfully aligned to & uniquely qualified to serve. 

"I hit my first 10k month this month, and a lot of it no doubt has been because I put myself out there based on healing my chiron"

"I started to attract an audience on both social media platforms of people that have similar Chiron wounds as I do.

And when I taught them how to heal their own, they took that and that was how I realized how I could be of service to people was using my own story, my own vulnerabilities and opening up and healing myself and in return helping others heal as well.

I was actually able to integrate my branding structure and my offers based on my North Node and South Node and the work that I've done then I can teach others.

So all I can say is I highly highly, highly recommend Michelle and her Embody You Program. It has changed the trajectory of my entire career."

Azia hit her $10K month in August and grew her Tik Tok brand presence to over 17K followers going through just the Embody U™ Course portal alone.

be in the driver's seat of how you tell your story.

step into your life’s work. welcome to main character energy.

This could be you:

clear why = clear offerings = trust

You have the tools and clarity to create soul-led offerings that's fully aligned to what lights you up inside and potently transforms not only your clients’ lives but your own in the process.

identity to support your work

Become the version of yourself who truly believes they are worthy of the goals they desire. 

David amongst Goliaths positioning

Come out on top in an industry filled with big players by staying authentic to your own innovative approach to your work in branding and messaging 

heal the witch wound

Be comfortable showing up fully visible online knowing you have a magnetic profitable business & marketing strategy aligned to support your strengths, energy & authenticity












In this module, we look at our astrological placements that help us better understand the trauma patterns and coping mechanisms we carry. In addition to examining early-childhood programming as well as inherited wounds, we will also explore how to break the patterns by tapping into our strengths and assigned purpose.

This will allow us to understand the big picture of our inclinations and create empowered choices to shift our current identity into one in which we choose. 

module four

module three

module two

module one

Healing Your Wounding Patterns & Deconditioning

module four

module three

module two

module one

We create the future vision of our lifestyle and identity on what will bring us fulfillment and meaning in our lives using archetypes and how they can serve as tools for helping us bridge the gap to our current selves to the highest version of ourselves to reach our desired goals.

Your North Star Pathway & Cosmic Archetype

module four

module three

module two

module one

What kind of sacred work are you called to do and help others through? That is the big question that we will go over in this module.

Mixing a blend of practical strategy with intuitive flow, our goal is to create clarity on what kind of practitioner we want to be as well as what type of person you would like to help.

We will also go over what niching really means and how one can create expansion while remaining crystal clear on how they will help others so people know that they can benefit by working in your container of transformation.

Birthing Purpose & Sacred Business

module four

module three

module two

module one

In this module we will be constructing your offer ideas that support the journey of your client.

This will be based upon the type of solution you would like to provide in the sacred container of work that you're doing.

We will create your signature program structure and outlining what needs to be in the program, going over email list building to nurture your audience to want to invest in themselves with the offers you provide, and finish off with a lesson in free offers and how this will look and be created different than that of a paid offer.

Crafting Your Sacred Offerings

Explore What's Inside the Course

When you enroll today, you receive 1 year access to the Embody U™ framework course portal, comprised of 12 illuminating modules with comprehensive video trainings designed to be your complete guide for navigating all facets of your sacred business. There are lessons from how to connect with your astrological CEO blueprint, clarify your message, to booking out your services as a practitioner by harnessing your natural magnetism and authenticity.

Also included in this program is the Embody U™ Workbook with over 150+ pages of exercises/worksheets  is also included to support your journey with step-by-step lesson plans designed to intuitive guide you through your work and course learnings.

Phase 2: 

The Energetics of How You Serve

Phase 1: 

Lighting Up Your Soul's Pathway

We can't succeed in our business and our ability to receive if we haven't looked at and healed the wounds surrounding money and abundance. Most energy-sensitive creatives struggle around receiving and charging what they deserve.

We will learn how to appropriate price your offers that doesn't compromise with your nervous system yet allows you to ground in your self worth. We will also plan easy to follow profit goals so you hit your target every quarter in your sacred business.

module SEVEN

module SIX

Releasing money Wounds to Open the portal to Abundance

Pricing your sacred Offers

Profit Mapping Goals

The Energetic Currency of Money 

module EIGHT

module FIVE

Come out on top in an industry filled with big players by staying authentic to your own innovative approach to your work in content plan and messaging.

Be a David amongst Goliaths using your Mercury placements so you can stay true to your message and how you can magnetically communicate with your audience.

How to Approach Social Media

The Power of Magnetic Copy

Magnetic Content Creation Strategy

Marketing with Your Mercury Sign

Invite & Magnetize Soul Clients with Mercury

module SEVEN

module SIX

module EIGHT

module FIVE

There's an art to selling and it doesn't have to be sleazy, icky, or pushy. I'll be going over how to receive your first clients by incorporating sacred selling principles that doesn't rely on fear or scarcity tactics to close a discovery call.

We will be going over how overcoming objections can actually be healing for the prospect as it builds trust and honesty before a coaching container even begins. We will also understand the psychology of a prospect looking to invest and the things they look for to feel safe in making a decision to work in your sacred container. 

Application & Discovery Call Process

Sacred Selling Principles 

Overcoming Objections

Sacred Invitation of Prosperous Selling

module SEVEN

module SIX

module EIGHT

module FIVE

How do you hold space as an empath leader in your circles and 1:1 container? Part of serving is creating a powerful experience for your clients to be safely held as they move through their shifts of transformation.

We will be going over how to create a successful onboarding process when you convert a prospect into a client and how to create accountability.

Onboarding & Client Portal

Creating accountability with your clients

Sacred Space Holding for your clients

Creating a Magical Experience for Your Clients

module SEVEN

module SIX

module EIGHT

module FIVE

Phase 3: 

Launching Your Prosperous Offers

We will go over how to create a customized client attraction strategy for your online presence - focusing specifically on what needs to go into your copy, how to show up as a sacred authority online and what needs to go on your website to generate trust while building your audience. 

Developing a powerful content calendar to help you build brand authority and trust without sacrificing your life force. We will also go over best practices on how to build interest and incentive without using lazy, scarcity tactics.

module eleven

module ten

Word Bank 

Nurture Email Growth

Creating Intimacy with Sales Pages

Magnetic Copywriting

module twelve

module nine












Once you've built the foundation of your business, this module will support you in building out the structure and systems that will help you handle growth with ease and without the overwhelm.

We will go over why building out a customized funnel can be your saving grace, and how to land consistent clients month to month using a combination of a powerful email nurturing marketing strategy, funnel building, evergreen masterclass as well as trust building with collecting testimonials that reflect your client's honest experience working with you. 

Prosper with Sacred Workshops

Your Sacred Launch Plan Funnel

Founding Members Model

Launch & Prosper with Sacred Workshops

module eleven

module ten

module twelve

module nine

We cover all things design and tech-related, from client onboarding, email software management, branding, and design - these crucial parts of running a successful sacred business don't have to be overwhelming.

I will also go over simple but powerful branding principles you can use to amp up the visual appeal of your brand. From colors, typography to designing your website and Instagram posts, I give you easy-to-follow tutorials to get publish your beautiful website in a week.

Principles of Magnetic Branding

What needs to go on your website

Integrating your website & Biz with Powerful Tools

Website & Midheaven Inspired Branding

module eleven

module ten

module twelve

module nine

It's one thing to create a sacred business, it's another thing entirely to maintain the integrity, boundaries through the seasons of our life. In this module, discuss building healthy masculine & feminine energy in your business for balance, how to set boundaries as a healer, letting go of comparison when you hit plateaus in your biz.

We will also cover ways we can increase accountability and success rates for your clients in working with you as well as navigating the tricky waters of properly holding space for your client's trauma and wounds.

Honoring your internal world with Moon progressions

Creating Energetic Boundaries with your Saturn Placement

Balancing your Masculine & Feminine Energy in Business

Honoring Your Boundaries & Internal World

module eleven

module ten

module twelve

module nine


of your soul's pathway.

This gave me the blueprint for how to build a sacred business while also leaving room for my individuality. I could've never imagined that I'd end up where I have. My life has completely changed! Signing up for Embody U™ truly was the spark my soul needed to activate my mission. I'm so grateful for the connections I've made with fellow souls on the journey!

Since joining the program, I've:

Ruth, Cosmic Soul Activator of Just Left Venus

  • Built the blueprint for a 1:1 program

  • started my IG, YouTube channel, Pinterest

  • started calling in members of my soul tribe

  • gained confidence in speaking about my Spirituality online (working with my Chiron in Leo)

  • launched my website

Ruth launched her website, attracted her first paid 1:1 client sessions joining the Embody U™ Program

Are you ready to grow your sacred biz?

lifetime Access to COURSE portal with over 40 video lessons

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exclusive BONUSes

Cosmic Infused Showit Website Template

Pinterest Traffic Growth Strategy Training

What's included

When you invest in the self-paced, your total investment goes towards as credit if you choose to enroll in the next live Accelerator early Fall 2023

EMBODY U 3.0 Upgraded Course Portal Released April 2023



What happens after I enroll?





This program is truly what you make of it. Embody U™ is a comprehensive experience designed to give soulpreneurs wanting to grow their online business (aligned to the energetics of their birth chart) the necessary tools to do so.

In order to succeed, or achieve your goals you’re going to need to put in the work. Having an open-mind, grit and willingness will enhance results!

do you guarantee results?

Does this include live calls?



This is the Self-Paced version of my signature framework. You'll be receiving access to video training lessons and pdf exercises in your own private course portal. 

There will be an option to purchase a 60 minute 1:1 Birth Chart Business Alignment session with me as an add-on after enrolling in this self-paced course.





You'll be receiving a confirmation welcome email with an orientation guide to get you started.

You'll receive access your own login course portal where you will receive instant access to the start guide and Module 1. 

A new module will be released once a week from the day you've enrolled.




What if I need more support?

There will be an option to purchase a 60 minute 1:1 Birth Chart Business Alignment session at a special price with me as an add-on after enrolling in this self-paced course.


Frequently Asked Questions

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